Welcome to Toejac.com

Welcome to Toejac.com


Kit Kat close up P2    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 72.37 MB     Format: WMV

Kit Kat talks on her phone keeping her feet up close to your face. You can see every inch of her heels,toes and soles. Their so close to you that you can imagine them in your hands!

$ 9.99


Kit Kat close up    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 73.12 MB     Format: WMV

Kit Kat shows off her BIG feet to you up close and in your face. She wants you to be able to see every wrinkle and crevess in her skin.

$ 9.99


Cherish teacher finds her shrinking student    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 110.67 MB     Format: WMV

Seeing that one of her mischievous students got into some chemicals at school she watches himi and shrinks down so so tiny (POV cam) that he becomes the size of an ant. She laughs at him and inserts him into her stocking. The ant size student is stuck forever in her stocking still shrinking. (use and ant)

$ 13.99


Jessica unaware vore in chips and dip    
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 79.39 MB     Format: WMV

Micro man running up and down her feet and legs while she sleeps on the couch. Jessica then gets up and he is stuck to her pants and goes in the kitchen to eat. He continues to play on her giant leg and foot running up and down her feet and legs, then arm and hand and falls into the chips and dip. She eats the chip with him on it . Close ups of her food filled mouth and tongue as she eats the man unaware he is in her mouth. (All POV camera)

$ 10.99


Parys discovers her tiny son (OlDIE)    
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 85.05 MB     Format: WMV

At first Parys is unaware of her son's puny almost micro size on the floor. She steps on him and still dosen't notice until she feel something moving under her foot. She then see how tiny her son is and likes him that way using him as her tiny slave.Older video)

$ 11.50


Madison cleans my floor HD    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 230.37 MB     Format: WMV

I get Madison to clean my floor really good. What a good worker as she wipes the grit from the tile floor with her dirty soles in your face! (Hi Def)

$ 10.99


Kodi and Bambi foot service HD    
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 253.22 MB     Format: WMV

Kodi and Bambi want you to clean their dirty feet with your tongue! They talk like they have had this done before! (Hi Def 11:46)

$ 10.99


TK POV crush you    
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 81.05 MB     Format: WMV

TK new giantess on the block! We show and teach her how to use her size 10 meaty soles up and down on the glass and on the cam!

$ 10.99


Kodi and Bambi compare and footsie     View Sample
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 83.03 MB     Format: WMV

Kodi and Bambi play footsie at first then compare their feet sole to sole and with the Brannock tool. BOth ladies have cute soles and toes!

$ 7.99


Alympia unaware POV shrunken man    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 111.24 MB     Format: WMV

Alympia sitting at her table doesn't see the tinyman on the floor looking up at her huge legs and heels. She walks and steps over him you get great views other giant legs and feet in mule sandals as she walks over and dangles above you!

$ 13.99


Trinity flexes her soles and points HD    
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 240.61 MB     Format: WMV

WOnderful feet and wrinkly soles. Trinity flexes and points her toes for you while smoking and talking to you too! (Hi Def)

$ 10.99


Parys wet socks P3     View Sample
Length: 9.00 minutes     Size: 66.07 MB     Format: WMV

Parys finally wants to feel the hot steamy water on her bare feet so she takes off her wet socks using her toes. She continues to dip her soft wrinkly soles and holds them up to your face. Parys loves getting her feet all wet!

$ 8.99


Parys wet socks P2    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 76.10 MB     Format: WMV

Parys loves having her sexy feet and toes all soaking wet. She dips her feet and holds them up in the air so you can get A good look at her wet wrinkly soles.

$ 9.99


Terri pumping her car    
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 82.82 MB     Format: WMV

Pumping the Lincoln town car trying to get it to start "come on baby!" At start of video Terri shows looking at her sole how she tries to start her car.

$ 11.00


Jessica under chair dipping     View Sample
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 84.58 MB     Format: WMV

Dipping in her stockins and slingback heels for the first half then taking of her stocking off after 5min and continuing to dip, flex and spread her hot toes and soles! (11:48)

$ 10.99


Jessica spreading them stinky toes    
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 82.64 MB     Format: WMV

Jessica stopped by to show me her cute feet and and how well she can spread her toes in stockings through out the video!

$ 10.99


Jewel Red head toe point    
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 82.02 MB     Format: WMV

Jewel points her cute petite white feet for you on the toe pointing bar. Enjoy her wrinkly soles, heels and toes and her unique look!

$ 10.99


Jewel dips in scholls HD    
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 262.10 MB     Format: WMV

The little Red head Jewel dipping her pasty white feet in slender scholl sandals with some nice sole wrinkles and shoe play. (Hi def)

$ 11.99


Jewel has burnig itchy feet    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 77.05 MB     Format: WMV

Coming hom in her black stockings Jewel itches and wiggles her hot toes for relief. This is not enough and she scratches them with her fingers and the corner of the coffee table. She ends up using Athletes spray on them for relief! (Lots of Toespreading in her stockings and bare)

$ 10.99


TK reads a magazine dangling in stockings    
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 89.88 MB     Format: WMV

Spreading her hot toes feet in her stockings dangling and streatching the stocking out with her massive toes! All stocking video with side and looking up shots!

$ 11.99