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Sexy Stocking Lesbian Footsie Movie Pt. 3    
Length: 16.00 minutes     Size: 343.83 MB     Format: WMV

Cherish follows Shya into her bedroom and the girls lie down on the bed. Shya cuddles right up next to Cherish and begins kissing her again. Their stockinged feet intertwine and one hot footsie session begins! The girls get into it, and they take off each other's dresses, down to their bras, panties, and pantyhose. They'll lie back again and continue their sexy foot game, but Shya isn't ready for Cherish to stop, yet. (in HiDef)

$ 14.99


Sexy Stocking Lesbian Footsie Movie Pt. 2     View Sample
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 223.19 MB     Format: WMV

The girls take a break and Shya lights up a cigarette and stretches her long legs to tap on Cherish's heels. Cherish lights her own cigarette and lets those pumps fall from her petite stockinged feet and the girls begin another round of footsie. They're quiet, just flirting with each other through the rubbing of their nylons, and Shya's patiently waiting to take Cherish up to her bedroom. (in HiDef)

$ 8.99


Sexy Stocking Lesbian Footsie Movie Pt. 1     View Sample
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 222.77 MB     Format: WMV

Cherish and Shya are finally meeting up again. It's been a long time since these girls have been together, and they can't wait to get started. Ten minutes of the girls standing in front of each other, dipping their nice stockinged legs in and out of their small pumps. Shya pulls Cherish into her and shows just how much she missed her! The girls continue to stand and make-out as their stockinged feet play a hot game of footsie. (in HiDef)

$ 9.50


Kaya on Crutches Hobbles to Neighbors House     View Sample
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 252.17 MB     Format: WMV

Kaya is having a rough day. She has sprained her ankle and now she's walking with crutches and she just can't get the hang of it! She hobbles through the house on her crutches, hops through her kitchen, and heads outside. She wants to go see what her neighbor is up to. Clumsy on the gravel and even in the grass, Kaya shows how hard it is to walk with crutches! She finally gets to her neighbor's house, explains her day, and rubs on her poor, sore ankle. Time to hobble and hop back into her own yard. Poor Kaya! (in HiDef)

$ 10.99


Jane Tied Up Tickle Torture    
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 247.90 MB     Format: WMV

When Jane passed out after drinking all of Mandy's beer, Mandy ties her drunk ass to the bed. Jane wakes up the next morning screaming and kicking, wondering what the hell is going on. Mandy walks in the bedroom, climbs on the bed and instantly starts tickling her big feet. Jane squirms and laughs as Mandy tickles her soles, toes, legs and ribs! Maybe next time Jane will think twice about drinking Mandy's beer. (HiDef)

$ 10.25


Lazy Roommate Sucks Feet For A Cigarette     View Sample
Length: 22.00 minutes     Size: 480.67 MB     Format: WMV

Mandy is the laziest roommate ever and Lenore and Jane are fed up! When Mandy runs downstairs and asks for another cigarette, the girls give her a mouthful. Mandy begs and denies being lazy but Jane and Lenore wants to make her earn that cigarette. Their stinky bare feet are right in front of Mandy's face and they want her to lick them clean. Mandy hesitates, but she really wants that cigarette so she sticks her tongue out and gets to work. Disgusted, Mandy groans and complains as she licks all four sweaty smelly feet from heel to toe. She sucks all the sweat off and in between their toes. When Jane and Lenore tell her if she can swallow their feet then she can have a cigarette, Mandy opens her mouth as wide as she can. She won't stop until she tastes that nicotine. (HiDef)

$ 16.99


Marissa Pedal Pump     View Sample
Length: 13.00 minutes     Size: 274.50 MB     Format: WMV

Marissa starts off pumping barefoot in the house. "Come on baby, start!" she repeats as her bare soles pump right in front of you. The second half of the clip is in the truck. Marissa slides her flip flops off and pumps the gas pedal hard and fast as she cranks it. When the old truck won't start, she lights up a cigarette and lets it hang out of her mouth as she continues to pump the gas pedal as hard and fast as she can. Will she ever get it started? (HiDef)

$ 11.99


Jenny's Sweaty Feet    
Length: 16.00 minutes     Size: 352.00 MB     Format: WMV

Jenny is dying to get her sweaty feet out of her socks and sneakers. She kicks back with her feet up and takes off her shoes and socks. Jenny talks about how smelly her feet are. She crosses her legs and gives you different poses of those hot sweaty soles. (HiDef)

$ 14.99


Hali's Hot Sweaty Soles    
Length: 16.00 minutes     Size: 347.83 MB     Format: WMV

Hali has been walking in her sneakers all day so her feet are extra sweaty. She comes home, grabs a magazine and props her sneakers up on the coffee table. She removes her shoes to show off her sweaty smelly socks and finally gets barefoot. She crosses her legs, spreads and points her toes. She talks a bit about how hot her feet are while giving you an up close view of those sweaty soles. (HiDef)

$ 14.99


Marissa Secretary Desk Dangle     View Sample
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 235.75 MB     Format: WMV

Marissa sits at the desk and her bare legs dangle her tight, petite pumps from her feet. She'll switch those small, mature legs to show off those small bare soles. She'll answer the phone so we can hear her sweet southern voice and prop up those petite bare feet on her desk. (in HiDef)

$ 10.25


Mandy Wants To Be Your Personal Assistant Pt. 2    
Length: 14.00 minutes     Size: 293.35 MB     Format: WMV

After Mandy's little seduction stunt in the office yesterday, Mandy wakes up at your house. After a great night with you Mandy is still determined to convince you that she will be the perfect personal assistant. Mandy knows you love seeing those sheer stockings on her long legs and feet so she decides to give you another show. Mandy makes you go down to the bottom of the stairs to watch her stretch before work. Mandy gives you the perfect view of her mile-long legs and size 10 soles in different stretches. Now it's up to you, does she deserve the promotion? (HiDef) POV

$ 13.99


Mandy Wants To Be Your Personal Assistant Pt. 1    
Length: 13.00 minutes     Size: 287.36 MB     Format: WMV

Mandy walks into your office, wanting to talk about a promotion. She knows you are looking for a personal assistant and she is determined to prove that she is perfect for the job. Mandy takes her shoes off and props her stocking soles on your desk and tells you that she knows all about your foot and stocking fetish. She teases you in different positions, showing you exactly what you want to see, those long sexy legs and big stocking soles. She uses your weakness to her advantage and she is just getting started! (HiDef) POV

$ 12.25


Jill's Big Sweaty Feet    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 332.16 MB     Format: WMV

She's been in her sock and sneakers all day and those big feet are really hot and sweaty. Jill grabs a magazine and kicks her feet up on the table. She removes her sneakers to reveal her smelly sweat-soaked socks but that isn't enough. Jill's feet are still too hot so she takes her socks off to air out those giant size 10s. She crosses her feet and wiggles her toes on the coffee table right in front of you. Crawl over to her feet and get a sniff of her big sweaty soles! (HiDef)

$ 12.99


Candice's Stocking Soles    
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 245.61 MB     Format: WMV

Candice comes home from a long day and cannot wait to rest her tired feet. She sits on the edge of the bed, dipping her stocking toes in and out of her flats before taking them off and climbing on the bed. She changes positions with her sweet stocking soles peaking out of the blanket. Candice points and flexes her tired soles and toes while she plays on her phone. (HiDef)

$ 9.99


Lenore Ties Up Jill and Sucks Her Feet    
Length: 21.00 minutes     Size: 462.73 MB     Format: WMV

Lenore has seen Jill around, even when Jill's little sister came around Lenore's house. So, Lenore finally had the opportunity to steal Jill and she ties her up in the chair. Lenore kneels in front of her and takes off her sweaty tennis shoes and sniffs them. Oh, how happy Lenore is right now. She takes off Jill's sweaty socks and admires them before getting her tongue on those big, meaty soles! (in HiDef)

$ 17.99


Bullies Get Their Feet Stomped On!    
Length: 21.00 minutes     Size: 258.90 MB     Format: WMV

Jazmine is such a bully to little Lenore. She stomps on the tops of Lenore's petite bare feet and there's nothing Little Lenore can do about it! Until Jill comes in. Jill won't let Jazmine pick on little Lenore anymore, and she gives Lenore the opportunity for some payback. Jill uses her big size 11 bare feet to stomp and hold down Jazmine's feet. Jazmine pretends it doesn't hurt at all with Lenore's tiny feet jumping on top of hers, but soon it starts to get red and bruised. Jazmine begs for the girls to leave her alone, but this is what happens to bullies; they get bullied back! (in HiDef)

$ 17.99


Skyler Sneaks in on Sleeping Jazmine     View Sample
Length: 21.00 minutes     Size: 453.62 MB     Format: WMV

Skyler has been acting so weird around Jazmine lately, and Jazmine just can't figure out why. Skyler is always looking at her feet when they're propped on the table and Jazmine knows Skyler has been in her shoe closet! Jazmine is taking a nap one day and Skyler sneaks into her room. She makes sure Jazmine is sleeping soundly before rubbing on those bare soles. Skyler starts to lick and kiss them softly, and Jazmine begins to feel it! She awakens and yells at Skyler, but she can't deny how good it felt. After some convincing from Skyler, Jazmine allows her to continue and moans with pleasure from Skyler's tongue getting her soles and toes soaking wet! (in HiDef)

$ 17.99


Jane and Shaylee Flip Flop Dangle on Porch    
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 250.30 MB     Format: WMV

Jane and Shaylee enjoy the beautiful weather outside in their shorts and flip-flops. The girls sit in the patio chairs, smoke a cigarette and chat while their flops dangle from their bare, sweaty, dusty soles! (in HiDef)

$ 10.25


Jill Gives Jazmine a Foot Sucking    
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 446.98 MB     Format: WMV

Jazmine loves when Jill comes over because all Jill wants to do is suck down on Jazmine's bare feet! Jill gets those soles really wet and sucks up those sweet soles. The girls go into several positions, but Jazmine enjoys every second! (in HiDef)

$ 16.99


Jane Dips in Wooden Clog Sandals    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 230.35 MB     Format: WMV

A new model stops by SSF. Meet Jane. She sits at our desk and answers a few phone calls for us. Get an entire view of her long, painted fingernails, her long dark hair and down to her naturally dusty, callused dry soles. (in HiDef)

$ 9.25