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  • V902 Sumer has Shrinking Boyfriend 45 min.
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  • VV1473 Girls Dangle Compilation 49mins
  • VV3585 Sexy Ladies Dangle 59Mins
  • V510 Toga Terri 1hr
  • V413 Veronica Tease 30 mins
  • V251 Victoria's Soles 30min
  • V282 Paris 30min
  • V459 Alana Bush 30min
  • V901 Jenna J's Shrinking Boyfriend 45 min.

vv4715 Comp of Foot Licks
Makayla stretches her long legs out and lets Riley and new gilf Emilia lick and suck on her petite bare beautiful soles and toes! They both use there best tongue work on both feet, even taking half of Makayla's foot down there throats! Makayla loves feeling there tonsils on her toes! Makayla is fully relaxed and lets the girls take real good care of her feeties! Shaylee is very excited that her talleban bitches Riley and Marley are on the schedule today!! These two talleban foot sluts sure do know what their doing! Riley and Marley gives Shaylee's feet exactly what she needed and wanted! The two lick up, down and all around Shaylee's Big feet along with sucking her long ass toes! Shaylee's FAVORITE thing about these talleban sluts is that when she foot fucks their mouths they can take ALL of her HUGE ass foot!! Riley's tongue takes over! They have been waiting for there turn of wetness and sucking, which is Riley's mouth work! Watch Riley give her best treatment on Candice and Shaylee's bare soles and toes leaving the girls refreshed and continue about there day! Riley loves taking care of tired soles and sucks and slurps like she hasn't before! Makayla hops up in her shitty old truck in her bikini, while she has Cocoa and Riley worship her beautiful bare soles and toes! While she sucks on her lollipop Cocoa and Riley lick up and down, twirling there wet tongues all over her feet! Makayla has had a hard day so they both give her good treatment!
$ 25.00

vv4714 Comp Cali Candice Riley Dirty Soles
Riley comes walking up to the porch wearing her shorts and sneakers! She sits at the table props her feet up talking about how sore and sweaty they are. She goes inside and sits at the chair. She removes her shoes and pulls her feet up under the chair with her ankles crossed. She goes to the kitchen for a drink and sits at the table for a few minutes before walking out the room. Camera gets views of soles Candice feet are so hot and sore. She is wearing her high black pumps and stockings. She dips in and out of the heels placing her foot in front of the fan to cool it off. She takes turns switching each foot out. She sits in the chair and takes off both heels and sticks her feet in front of the fan! Cali is exhausted from cleaning earlier and lays down on the couch and crashes out quick! Cali's dirty dusty feet are hanging off the sofa and her little spy comes in (camera) inspecting her soles and toes close! There so filthy dirty and dusty but such a turn on to her little spy! Close ups and detail. Cali has to clean a kitchen today, she gets down on her hands and knees, scrubbing the floors and cabinets. She doesn't know she has a little spy behind her following her dirty feet! Watch Cali clean like crazy while she has a little spy behind her the whole time, looking at her dirty wrinkly bare soles and toes!
$ 25.00

Comp Cora Candice Dipping Dangling Teasing!!
Candice Stocking Tease Length: 10 mins Candice is wearing her cute little dress and sheer black stockings. She slides off her shoes and props her feet up on the table. She does lots of toe pointing and wiggles her toes. She even shows off her amazing toe spread. Realtor Cora Stands With Extremely Sore Feet! Length: 30 mins Cora is on the phone talking to some buyers that is interested in a home that she's selling. Cora is in her thick high heels and there starting to get sore from standing for so long. As Cora dips in and out of them, she uses a pencil to relieve some pain working it in between her toes. Cora really starts struggling pulling her stocking feet in and out of her heels, after awhile she pulls them out cooling them off in front of a fan! Cora cant stand it anymore and sits down propping them up in front of the cool air spreading her toes! Cora Makes You Her Foot Boy Length: 10 mins Cora is sitting on the sofa with her sandals up on the coffee table, she looks at the camera and says "on your knees foot boy" She picks up a small remote and she says you gotta learn to be careful what you wish for. She presses a button on the remote and says "over here" Camera POV at this point should be right at her soles with her face in the back ground, She is flexing in her sandals for about 60 seconds as she talks. She tells you, you fucked up that you should of been content with buying feet pictures online. That wasn't good enough for you so Cora is gonna train you to be her foot boy!
$ 25.00

vv4712 Hot Bitches Sexily Crush Worthless Victims! Com52 mins
Cum For Roxi! 'PC' Roxi has some dope boys to stay at her house meanwhile they have turned it into a trap house, so what does Roxi do best? She turns them all into crick men, and awaits their punishment for doing wrong! Roxi doesn't put up with that shit. She picks one by one out of their cage, and teases them turning them on, she wants them to cum for her until she ends their pathetic life slowly! Don't ever think you can come to Roxi's house trying to take over. She places the crick men all over her body and lets them build up of cum, and watches them squirt just for her and ending in a sorry ass death! 'PC' Secret Admirer Gets A Show! 'PC' Addy doesn't realize she has a secret admirer and he has a fetish for her feet! While she is chit chatting on her cell, he sneaks up behind her and places Goldie's on her heels and when she presses down she flattens every victim he puts there. He is getting a show of his life, just what he wanted, she makes a gutty slimy mess and he gets so aroused by this. Addy is completely unaware he's behind her and even flattening every victim he has to place under her heel! 'PC'
$ 25.00

vv4711 Southern Smelly Feet And Hot Nures! Comp 47 ,ims
Amelia Gets Jealous! Amelia was dying to get into an apartment and this hot bitch Raven stole it right from under her! Amelia can't believe it! There's no way she is letting Raven get away with this, so what does she do?? When Raven was passed out Amelia got her head in a box, taped her mouth and tied her feet together, this is pay back. Since Raven loves the apartment so much, Amelia gives her a house warming gift she wont ever forget, her smelly stinky sweaty feet! Raven Gives Her Smelly Feet To Amelia! PT 2 After Amelia puts Raven in a head box and shoving her stinky sweaty feet in Ravens face over the fact that Raven got the apartment that she wanted, Raven will not let that be the end of it. She comes up with a plan herself and puts Amelia in the damn head box, to give her, her smelly stinky sweaty feet! A little taste of Amelia's own medicine! Of course Raven admits to sucking the guy's dick to get it, that Amelia should of thought better when she wanted the apartment! Sam Sore Feet Gets Licked By Two Nurses! Sam is completely exhausted from dancing the night before. She has two cute nurses that are coming over for the rescue! There nurses so they will take good care of her and her sore feet that needs a good worship with there hot, wet tongues! Watch these cute nurses put in some work while Sam relaxes her soft wrinkly soles in there mouths!
$ 25.00

vv4710 Hot Blondes Want You To Cum To Their Feet! Comp 26 mins
Destiny wants her bitchboy to cum to her perfect soles and toes Destiny starts off dangling her sweaty flops then swings her feet on the table. "Drop your pants and Jack off to my feet you pathetic foot-boy!! Haha! I can't believe you pay to see a woman's foot". She hides her feet and makes you beg for her to show them again. At the end she gives you cum countdown.. 10,9,8,7 Innocent College Girl Gets Down And Dirty Phoebe is home for the summer visiting her long distance man. She is very demanding and bossy. She tells him to worship her feet while she goes on to tell him all the crazy things she has done while away at college. She explains how college is just so wild. She couldn't help herself, everything made her so horny. Phoebe goes on and on about how she started fucking other guys, but not just any guys. She loves those big black cocks. She tells him that their cocks where as big as her sexy feet. Phoebe loved fucking them and jacking them off with her feet making them squirt cum all over her toes and soles. She makes her boyfriend lick and suck all the dried cum of her feet and asks him how it tastes, She tells him to get used to it because she has a few guys coming to stay with them during summer break. She tells him his new job is to worship her feet while she gets fucked by the big black cocks because they were way better than he was. She lets him know real quick that he will be sucking on her toes while she slides her arches up and down those juicy dicks. Phoebe knows he is so horny and excited by all of this so she lets him have a turn and gives him a count down to cum all over her big size 10 feet.
$ 25.00

vv4709 These Sexy Chicks Gets A Hell Of A Worship! Comp 47 mins
Pageant Girl Saige Will Stop At Nothing To Win Saige is in the Miss USA pageant and knows she can win for sure if one of the girls, Miss Kentucky, somehow drops out. She has devised a plan that she thinks will work in order to knock Kentucky out so she can win the crown! Transforming herself from a pageant girl to looking like one of the judges, Saige hopes that Hali won't recognize her out of her normal clothes. When Hali arrives, Saige informs her that all the contestants are now required to deal with the judges feet as part of an endurance test. Then, she demands Hali to remove her heels and start licking her sweaty bare feet clean! Hali is very reluctant and denies Saige's request but Saige is quick to warn her if she doesn't comply, she will be forced to kick her out of the pageant completely! Taking a deep breath, Hali composes herself and slowly starts sliding her tongue from heel to toe. However, Saige isn't satisfied and forces her head down harder on her toes using both her hands. Obviously, Saige is getting very turned on by this torture and demands Hali to suck harder and lick faster! Every few seconds, she grabs Hali's blonde head with both hands and shoves her down harder and deeper on her toes while she throws her head back and moans in pleasure! Finally, Hali stops her torture and tells Saige that she quits the pageant if she has to do disgusting things like this. Smiling, Saige confesses her true identity as one of the pageant members and also threatens Hali that she has recorded everything. Now Hali will have no chance of entering any pageant of any kind ever again! Holiday Gets Best Of Both Worlds! Holiday gets the best of both worlds when she has the older and the younger on their knee's worshiping Holidays feet. Ava and Cali give her a special treat that Holiday has been dying for! They cover her foot with their tongue and spit and Holiday is loving every minute with these two!
$ 25.00

vv4708 Foot Worshiping To Anther Level! Comp 47 mins
Three Friends Share Stinky Socks Three friends, Makena, Sassy, and Teddi absolutely love the smell of each others stinky sweaty socked feet! In fact, they love them so much that they all three decide to share them with each other! They take turns shoving their stinky socked feet into each others face and forcing each other to worship the shit out of them! They rub their socks all over every inch of their faces and smell as deeply as they can! They order each other to bury their faces into their socked feet and inhale all their stink aroma! All three girls love being used as a foot rest and feel genuinely lucky to be worshiping their friends stinky sweaty socks! Hali Cant Wait To Get Her Hands On Amelia! Hali has been patiently waiting to see Amelia again. She has an obsession and wants to get a hold of Amelia's stinky, sweaty feet! Shes waited long enough, and lures her into the house. Amelia has no idea whats in store for her! Until she realizes Hali isn't playing and puts her to sleep and FINALLY gets to do whats shes been wanting to do for so long!
$ 25.00

vv4707 Giantess Fun! Comp 53 mins!
Famous Singer Chink Belongs Beneath Halis Soles That Stink This video is a continuation of the vid (Hali Shrinks The Chinks And Makes Them Lick Her Stocking Stink). Hali has just returned home from work wearing her dark colored stockings and instantly plops down on the sofa, kicking up her white heels and resting them on the table. Suddenly, she remembers her famous tiny shrunken chink singer thats stuck to the bottom of her sweaty sole! She kicks off her heels and finds that she is still surprisiningly alive but slightly flattened. This fammous chink has been living in Hali's stockings for weeks now. Hali berates her shrunken slave girl and has finally had enough of her existence and decides to end her life with her bare feet! After slipping her stockings off, Hali jumps up on the table and destroys her tiny chink with her bare feet, stomping her even flatter and making her slanted eyes even more slanted! Hali even stonps and crunches her as hard as she can with her strong giant soles and toes. She then places her dead body back into her heels so she can still have the satisfaction of her being beneath her feet! Tiny Boy Sheena Used To Babysit Gets Lost But She Finally Finds And Finishes Him Off A tiny boy Sheena used to babysit that she shrunk and never could find after that, has somehow found his way back to her and is now scrambling around on the floor, watching her clean in her sexy bra, blue jeans, and white tennis shoes. As she's cleaning, he follows right behind her, trying to get her attention. This goes on for a while until Sheena finally removes her sweaty hot sneakers and reveals her stinky bare feet. Continuing to clean, he follows right behind her bare feet and she accidentally steps on him a few times. A while later, she gets on the couch and lays down to relax for a while, posing her feet at the end of the couch. Sheena keeps herself occupied and has no idea the tiny boy is climbing up on the couch and ends up right in front of her gigantic feet. He looks at them as she wiggles her toes back in forth in amazement.. Suddenly, Sheena touches him, kicking him off onto the floor. Confusing him for a bug, she starts kicking him with her feet, trying to kill it. She kicks him and crushes him with her sweaty soles until the screen goes dark. When he finally wakes up from all his abuse, Sheena is on her stomach facing him with her giant face, as close to his tiny body as she can get. She recognizes him as a kid she used to babysit. Evilly, she laughs at him for his size, calls him a loser, and tells him of the power she has over him now. Then, she informs him that she has eaten every kid she has ever babysat, but will is willing to give him the option of how he dies. Again smiling evilly, she says I can choose to be eaten by her or be crushed beneath her big bare feet. Since he takes too long to answer she chooses for him. Her all time favorite is always eating the tiny kids so she opens her mouth and demands him to walk inside and the scene goes dark! Invitation Gone Badly Wrong! Bree has a neighbor that she likes a lot, she wants to seduce him, so she asks him to come over to have a small dinner. She proceeds to prop her feet up on him,and begins to rub her feet on his face and crotch. He is blown away by this, and refuses immediately. With this evil woman getting turned down, she shrinks him and he is about 2 inches tall! He has a gigantic woman standing over top of him,and threatening him by her feet. Little does he no hes about to become scum under her gigantic soles
$ 25.00

VV4706 All Knds Of Fun Crushng! Comp 65 mins
Jala Causes Destruction With Her Mouth! 'PC' Jala enjoys her tiny mants, she loves teasing them and letting them try to find a way to escape! She puts them in her mouth and spits them back out onto the table, what fun she has with these mants! Her little pill bugs she likes to watch them suffer by putting them in a cup of water and watching them drown! She decides to swallow them whole as there final destiny! Blooper of her giving the directer gross out looks! 'PC' Raven And Her Tiny Jocks! Raven has some jocks that she is very attracted to. She previously has taught them in college and wants to eat them so they will become a part of her! There are four of these pathetic jocks, but one of them is a nerd that has seen to much! Raven doesn't give a fuck about them at all! She destroys the nerd quickly with her massive feet! Now shes left with three, Watch raven torture these helpless victims, and enjoys watching them be scared for there life watching there friends get eaten alive by there hot teacher! She dangles them above her mouth holding them with her massive fingers over her mouth, and watches them squirm! Raven is up to no good yet again, and she wants to get rid of them quickly! MP4 Raven And Stormy Play A Game! 'PC' Raven and Stormy wants to play a little game! They have too much fun crushing, squishing, and even stepping on crickmen! There's six circles on the ground that list fingers, hands, sex, and breast. The girls have fun with each and every one of them crushing them in between there fingers, between there tits, and even slowing killing them pressed on there ass! These crickmen get thrown to the floor and they get to run for safety until they get caught in a circle choosing there own death! Oh what fun way to die! 'PC' Samantha For Play's For Hubby! 'PC' Samantha has turned all of her ex boyfriends into little goldies! She wants to put a show on for her foot fetish perv husband! She tells him about it and he is super excited and he cant wait to get a hard on watching her do this to her pathetic ex's! Samantha starts by crushing each ex one by one under her bare heels! Later finishing the rest of them, by sitting on them with her perfect round ass! 'PC
$ 25.00

VV405 Foot Wars And New girls! Comp 45 mins
Foot War At The Shoe Store Shaylee and Angie rush into the shoe store and fight each other for a pair of black boots they say they have both ordered and have been waiting for. Since there is only one pair, the shoe store manager informs them that they will have to have a foot war in order to see who will get the pair of boots. Both girls sit across from each other and press their sneakers together in order to see whose is bigger. To get even more accurate, they then remove their shoes to compare feet with socks only and then finally they remove their socks and compare bare feet to bare feet. They then use a measuring scale to see the exact measurement and width of both their soles and toes. Next, the girls bring out the toe wrestling board and use all their strength to see whose feet are stronger. To compare wrinkles on soles, the girls lie on their stomachs and scrunch their toes to show off all their deepest wrinkles and prove who has the most. A strength test involving a pencil is then executed to see whose toes are the strongest between the two. After a foot smell test, back to back foot combat, and extreme foot pose contest, the store manager finally announces the winner of the foot war and also the new owner of the black boots! Who will win this competition and receive the only pair of the sought after black boots! New Girl Compares Soles To A Veterans Ashley is new to ssf and wants to compare her soles to a girl that has been there way longer. Skyler is the perfect candidate and is happy to oblige. They sit side by side with their soles propped up in front of them. Initially just with the naked eye, Ashley appears to have the smaller feet with Skyler's beating her in width and length by a landslide. Out of curiosity, they break out the ruler and decide to measure the length and width of their soles precisely. Next, they bring out the foot scale and measure them a second time with a different devise. Pressing their hands and palms together, they look to see whose hands and fingers are longer. Now sitting on the floor, the girls wedge their toes together and squeeze with all their might to see whose toes are stronger. Finally, they measure height by standing back to back and lifting their hands above their heads to see who is shorter. Then, the girls take a seat on the couch propping their soles up once again and both decide that Skyler took the gold for this competition in almost every category. Battle Of Toes Krystal and Cali are back and ready for some competition! The girls try to compare there feet, there hands, even there height! Looks like Cali has her beat. They go to the toe board to battle this out! Watch and see whos the toughest bitch between the two!
$ 25.00

VV4704 Foot Toys And More Fun Comp! 56 min
Lees Slave Boy Becomes Her Foot Toy Sexy new girl, Lee, has some pretty sexy southern feet and she knows you are begging to see them! Your cock is already throbbing hard but she wants it even harder!! Shoving her foot right in your face she shows you exactly what she will do once she shoves it deep down your throat! She wiggles her toes and penetrates her entire foot real nice and slow. Then, she has you turn around so she can do the same thing to your ass! After all that, she demands that you lick all your juices off every wrinkle in her foot! Once your cock can't hold back any longer, she begs you to squirt huge fountains of your hot thick cum all over her toes and wrinkly soles! Lick Our Sweaty Ass And Feet Cali and Saige are both sexy petite girls that are stripped down to their sexy bra and thongs. Together, they beg you to come a little closer and lick their dirty, sweaty, salty ass and bare feet! They stick their asses right in your face so you can get a good look at how round and juicy they are. Also, their filthy, sweaty, stinky bare feet are raised high up in the air so you can see how tiny and wrinkly they both are! Cali and Saige both loves to play footsie and feel the other girls soles rub against their own while they lock toes lightly. With the way they work and twerk their asses and flaunt their sweaty feet, there's no way you won't be able to resist licking and sucking on them both! Samantha Leaves TinyMan All Alone! Sam has cloned her previous clients phone, she was his therapist. His girlfriend isn't having it to well, and tells him to get over his giantess impulse on his own! He needs to focus more on her and his family, friends, etc. Sam has something in store for him! She gives some quite intense therapy, she decides to destroy anything and everything in her power, she even trains his mind to need her to step on his puny self! Sam is a evil bitch, and does everything in her power to destroy it all for him! No one can save or help him now! Hes all alone and hes hers to crush over and over in her pleasure!
$ 25.00

VV4703 Bitchy Southern Girls Toe Fight Comp! 50 min
Bitchy Office Girls Fight With Feet Over Seats Secretary Shaylee has been working hard all day and her poor feet are killing her from standing in her heels all day. She finally gets a chance to sit down, take a break, and smoke a cig in her favorite spot where she is always left alone just the way she likes. Also on break is Saige who is also wore out from wearing her heels all day long. Innocently, she asks her co worker if she can take the seat next to hers but Shaylee rudely replies that there are plenty of other seats as Saige takes the seat anyways and disregards her rude comment. This rubs Shaylee the wrong way and the girls start bumping their heels together as they dangle them off their toes. Once the heels come off, their bare soles begin rubbing against each others and eventually they begin toe locking their big toes. Both girls squeeze and toe point as hard as they can to prove to their opponent they are not to be fucked with.They press their toes together and push hard until their toes turn white. They wedge their toes together, locking them firmly in place and wrestle them back and forth. Neither girl is going to give up their seat without a fight! Stolen Seat Causes Toe Wrestling Competition Hali is on break at work and that's how she likes it. The girls she works with have already pissed her off today by being way too loud so she sat by herself to have some peace and quiet. New girl, Jane, walks in the room and politely asks if she could sit next to her. Rudely, Hali replies that there are plenty of other seats for her to occupy. However, Jane takes a seat anyways, choosing not to look at the snide face Hali is making at her. The girls sit in silence and dangle their heels off the edge of their toed until Hali finally lets hers fall to the ground, and soon pulls Jane's off as well. The competition begins! Both girls wedge their big toes together, and squeeze as hard as they can. Focusing on the big toes, they toe point and try to get the best of each other. They press their smaller toes together as hard as they can and then lock big toes again! Sometimes, they use the opposite foot to pull their opponents foot off their own. Hali finally gets frustrated and slips back on her heels, Hali and Erica Use Their Toes To Fight! Like always we got some sassy bitches that don't like each other and cant stand to sit next to each other. Hali is known to have the strongest toe, but this new Erica girl came in. Hali might have some competition! One thing for sure... They will not back down or give up their seat! Nikki And Makayla Toe Fight! Nikki doesn't want Makayla sitting by her. She will do anything to make her get up and move. They end up locking toe's and grabbing and pulling, using all the strength they have in their feet to make some one call quits and lose. Their both some tough bitches and stubborn so they refuse to give up and lock toes again.
$ 25.00

VV4702 Tiny Man Love Giantess Feet Comp! 55 mins
Tiny Spacemen Are Dead After Tying Giantess Jala To The Bed Jala wakes up to find herself tied down with thin strings by a bunch of tiny spacemen. They demand for her to give them the magic spell so they can return home to their planet or they will torture it out of her! The tiny men try to shock her while she's tied but the tiny pain only pisses Jala off even more and after killing off a few of the men, she eventually frees herself. Once free, she is on a mission to destroy all the spacemen and their spaceships making it to where they can never return home! Using her giant ass, she crushes several men into smithereens and even pops some inside her giant wet mouth, sucking out all their juices before swallowing them! Her giant bare feet come in handy when smashing their tiny bodies and grinding them into a million pieces but her fists do just as well! Jala hunts, finds, crushes, stomps, twists, and shit talks all the tiny spacemen until every single one is dead! Their tiny spaceship with the commander and crew is the only thing that's left to destroy and Jala has a few ideas of how to destroy them that are very entertaining! Evas Tiny Bro Lands In Her Chip Bowl Eva enters the kitchen calling out for her little brother. However, he doesn't reply back and is he is nowhere to be seen. Though she can't find him, Eva spots a delicious bowl of chips she assumes he left out for her. Hopping up on the kitchen counter barefoot, Eva grabs the bowl of chips and munches away. Little does she know, before she entered the kitchen, her little brother accidentally shrunk himself and fell into the chip bowl. Now, as she reaches into the bowl and grabs chip by chip, her tiny bro is frantically trying to stay out of her reach! Still wondering out loud where in the world her other could be, Eva reaches down and scoops up another chip along with her tiny bro! Something is very different about this chip, Eva thinks to herself. It almost looks burnt but it's still probably just as delicious! She tosses them both back and chews them up slowly, showing off her chewed up food mixed with her saliva! That chip was actually more delicious than all the rest! Eva expresses surprisingly as she picks at her teeth completely unaware that she just devoured her tiny brother! Samantha Dominates! Samantha is up to no good once again, She has kidnapped her friend that she's been stalking for awhile. She's got plans for him, that he's going to like or she's going to make him like. She knows his kinks and he's strange fetish for sweaty, dirty feet. She's even made them extra dirty and smelly just for him! She takes it into her own hands, to shrink him. She threatens him by telling him to leave, he trys, but doesn't succeed. He's dreams to be stuck in between her sweaty,dirty toes are about to come true! (All clips are on Toejac.net)
$ 25.00

VV4701 Tiny Man Love Big Feet Comp! 61min
Gigi Reveals Tiny Boss Stuck To Her Soles Gigi sits there and is talking to her friend on the phone about her boss. She tells her friend that she looked up the spell to shrink her boss and it worked! She glued him to her sweaty stinky feet. Maybe next time he will think twice before he gives her shit about how to do her job! Now he will see how it feels to be walked on by someone else! Now SHE is his boss and will tell him what to do! Riley Gives The Wormen What They Want 'PC' Riley comes in wearing her strappy white sandals. She is ready to have some fun with the wormen. Riley takes them out one by one and slowly steps on them. She teases them by hovering her big foot over there tiny body before she squishes them to there death. She even decides to taste one and let it squirm around in her mouth. She lines five wormen up in a row and steps down with both feet. Riley loves playing with the wormen and teasing them. She enjoys it every minute of it, it actually turns her on way more than it would most. Riley doesn't want it to end she would love to crush, stomp, and squish all day long. 'PC'(Hi-def) Mommy Teddi Loves Her Tiny Son! Mommy teddi has a son that has an obsession with her Alice In Wonderland dress. He loves rubbing his face against it, and feeling it against his skin! Mommy teddi likes teasing him by telling him if hes not careful that her petticoats might eat him! She then tells him to lie down on the ground while shes standing over top of him and he slowly shrinks into her dress. Tiny Friend Has Been Found! Krystal is relaxing surfing the web, and eating some lunch. She see's something on the floor that is super tiny! She picks it up, and realizes its her friend josh, and he's caught the shrinking virus! She has something in store for him, since hes going to get tinier anyways! She has fun with him, dipping him in and out of her mouth, and even shoves his tiny face into the bottom of her dirty soles! Does she finish her lunch? Or does she finish her lunch and her tiny friend?! ( all clips are on toejac.net)
$ 25.00

VV4700 Get Some Southern Feet Action Comp! 52min
Rosie's Stocking Curl In Slippers! Rosie has her pink fuzzy slippers on with her nylon stockings. She dangles in them for you, and dips in and out of her pink fuzzes. Her thick soles fit perfectly in her stockings. She decides to sit down at her desk and continues to flex in her stocking and eventually becomes slipper less. Get great views of her soles and great toe curling! Cinamon Bare Feet Peek From Under The Covers Cinamon is relaxing kicked back on the bed with everything covered up except her bare sweaty feet down below. Her long bare toes are wiggling and sliding between each other we see just how long and wrinkly her soles are! Watch Cinamon put on a toe wiggling show and play footsie with herself! Intruder Cant Resist A Taste Of Girls Tied Feet To Face A sneaky intruder finds Jill and Riley half naked in their bikinis, bound and gagged together with tape and rope. Their necks are connected with the other girls' sweaty bare feet, forcing them each to inhale all their stinky aroma! While struggling to free themselves, the intruder helps himself to their beautiful bare soles and worships them with sincere passion. We see him play and tickle their soles, toes, toenails, palms, and even their sexy round asses! When he's had his way with them both, the intruder caresses their tied feet once more and leaves them struggling, Dirty Little Slut! Roxi and Lenore are at it with their dirty little whore. Degrading the fuck out of her while they shove their feet in her mouth, and make her lick all the dirt and sweat in between their toes. Their making this piece of trash their foot bitch and giving her the treatment she asked for. After all she is TRASH standing on the corner so why shouldn't Roxi and Lenore treat her like a whore in their stocking! Little Brother Sniffs Teddi's Feet Teddi had a long, hard day at work. Unfortunately, she's single and has nobody to rub and sniff on her feet. She suddenly remembers that her little brother has a huge foot fetish, and talks him into giving her what she wants-a foot sniff down. A little awkward, yes, but Teddi needs and loves it when her feet get worshiped. Hard sniffs and foot worship. Teddi loves it!
$ 25.00

VV4699 More Soles The Better Comp! 48 min
CAli And Zoeyy Take It Out On The Board! Cali and Zoeyy are comparing their soles, the length and the width, from who has the bigger toes and who has the most wrinkles. They compare their hands and fingers and even see who's tallest, but none of that matters. What really matters is who has the strongest feet. They bring out the board and lock their toes and fight it out. Does cali has the strongest and will over come Zoey? Or will Zoey beat Cali? Three Girl Toe Spread And Sole Test On Gravel Tyler and Hali both love each others feet. They decide to see who has the best toe spread and who can keep theirs spread the longest. The space between Hali's big toe and index toe seems to be the widest. Tyler has a great spread and she can spread her pinky and ring toe amazingly. Chloe joins in the toe spreading fun and all three girls compete. Who will be able to spread theirs the longest? Next, the girls are curious to see whose soles are stronger, running and walking on a gravel road barefoot. Tyler seems to have a tough time. Her soles are covered in gravel dust and have big dents in them when she's finished. Hali and Chloe both seem to be able to keep their endurance up although the rocks are hard and very sharp. The girls put their soles to the test in this competitive gravel walk/run. Cinamon Teases Slave Boy Cinamon is ready to torture her tiny slave with her huge size 11 feet. She has him slap himself across the face 10 times, pinch and twist his nipples as hard as possible. Then forces him to open a drawer and stick his cock in it and slam it shut, pulling it out while drawer is still closed. Then slamming the drawer on his cock and balls at least 10 times. She gives him hell! He is nothing but a slave that will never get her feet! Dirty Sweaty Soles Makayla! Makayla comes home after a long day at the office. Shes been in her sweaty dirty heels all day, and cant wait to take them off. She sits down on sofa and extends her legs out onto foot rest. She takes off her heels and reveals her sweaty soles to you also showing off the dirt that's shes picked up in her sweaty heels. She flexes them and does great toe pointing all for you!
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VV4698 Cant Get Enough Southern Feet fun! 64min
Roxi Makes Her Own Video With Hali! Roxi and Hali are at work waiting on the boss man Jack to show up, discussing what the plans are for today. Little does Hali know, Roxi and Jack have a video lined up already. Roxi has been dying to worship Hali's feet but Hali isnt up to it, just like Roxi thought. Roxi quickly knocks her out and ties her up to a chair and duct tapes her mouth, thanking Jack for letting her do this video. When Roxi starts to worship Hali's feet,. she tries fighting it, she hates her feet being touched. That doesn't phase Roxi, she dont care that Hali isnt to happy about this and still worships her feet. Before Roxi knows it Hali's screams turn into moans so Roxi takes off the duct tape. Hali admits that she loves it and that Roxi can worship her feet anytime she would like! Roxi Challenges New Girl Krystal! Roxi finally has a run in with the new girl Krystal. Competition? Maybe. Roxi lets it be known that she will always come first in this business and the best as she grabs her toes with her toes. This is now a challenge as Krystal makes it known that she isn't worried about what Roxi thinks. They lock toes and squeeze as hard as they can, but they both refuse to show weakness while they shit talk each other. With toes turning blue from the pressure, they both fight for their spot. Greatest Toe Wrestling Match By Far! Samantha and Hali are in it to win it today! Both blonde bitches think their feet can out beat the other in a great strength contest! But first, watch the girls compete to see whose hands are longer, whose taller, and whose feet are bigger and badder! The girls then battle it out in the most extreme toe wrestling match SSF has ever seen! Watch what happens when both girls put in every ounce of effort and strength their feet will allow them to exert! Giant feet in your face Both Cinamon and Addison both have over size 10 feet and long flexable toes! Cinamon on left wears an 11. They talk some and on their phones as they take of their sneakers and then after a few minutes take off their black stinky socks. You can see how soft and shiny their soles look as both girls have sweaty feet! Cinamon and Addison Footsie and Toe Lock Cinamon and Addison are home after a long day.... While they are relaxing and talking They both kick off there Flip flops and Footsie. Addison and Cinamon laugh and pick on each other before locking toes! While they Footsie and toe grab you get close ups of them locking toes and even better views of there wrinkled soles!
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vv4697 Its About To Be A Crush Party Comp! 57 mins
Cali Loves To Torture Crick-Men! 'PC' Cali is having fun with this crush! Its more than just crushing with your feet. She has a couple extra surprises shes going to do with them and there's nothing they can do about it. Not like they can go anywhere. Cali has no mercy as she tortures them, in fact she is having a blast watching their last seconds in life. She crushes them all over her body. From her fingers, in between her breasts, her ass, her knee, even sticking them between her toes and squishing them. She loves having them crushed all over her body. That's not all though, she even finds it enjoying when she sticks them through a needle and try's catching them on fire. Cali looks and sounds so evil, but sexy as she torture these Crick-men. 'PC' Wishes Come True! 'PC' Four rich guys has turned themselves into little goldies, so they can have there dreams come true! Which is to be placed in Cali's hot mouth and then eventually be squashed under her nylon soles! She takes one out at a time, and places him in her mouth gently rolling him around with her wet tongue! Watch Cali make these men's dreams come true! 'PC' Crushing The Ex Boy Friends 'PC' Sassy has alot of ex's that shes going to pay back from treating her like shit! Shes had enough, and has trapped them, now is the wait for execution! She brings them up to the glass table, and dishes them out one by one, telling each victim what shes going to do with them. Each ex gets what they deserve! You don't treat sassy like shit, if you do, you will get whats coming to you! Does she sit on you and watch you get crushed by her sexy ass? Or even better, watch sassy come down on you slowly and get squished by her heels? 'PC' Makena and Saige Jam Craws Redneck Style 'PC' Saige and Makena are having a girls day and while they are having a great time they pull out their little foot friends they found earlier in the day.... Both saige and Makena are more than excited to have a little redneck barefoot stomping fun! Both Makena and Saige start the party off jamming and grinding Giant Craw foot friends into the ground. Both Ladies laugh and talk while Cheering one another on for doing such a great job! As you tune in You get to watch makena and Saige jamm, stomp, grind, snap and pop giant foot friends with their hot Ssf bare feet.'PC' Hali Needle Jabs Him In The Heart'PC' Hali is over being heart broken by her lover... Hali changes everything today, she shrinks and turns him into a Goldie... Hali yanks him up and lays him in front of her showing him how it feels to be stabbed in the heart! Hali shows no mercy! she Slowly jabs a needle into his heart, twisting and turning it giving him a taste of what it feels like to be stabbed in the heart and pulled around. Hali them holds him in the air where she can see through his tiny lifeless Goldie body! Hali then tosses him on the ground before flattening underneath her heels!'PC'
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vv4696 Sweaty Soles And Shoe Play Comp! 51 min
Sweaty Summer Soles! Savy and Makayla come in from a long tiring hot day, sit down on the sofa. They start chitchatting and decide to take off there sweaty shoes. Makayla knows someone that would love to take care of their sweaty feet. They peel off their soaked in sweat socks and reveal their drenched soles. They cant believe how stinky and sweaty they are. But knows someone that would come over and lick them clean for them. Reveal Them Sweaty Soles Layla! Layla comes home tired. She's been in her sweaty shoes all day and her tight fitting socks. She takes off her shoes and they smell so bad. She can only imagine what her socks and soles are going to smell like. She pulls off her socks and spreads her toes around, it feels so good to air them out! Layla Shoe Plays! Layla sits outside wearing her black flip flops. As she dangles some and shoe plays she ends up losing one of her flip flops and having a hard time finding it, but that doesn't stop her from flexing those beautiful dirty soles!
$ 25.00