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Welcome to Toejac.com

Study Session!     View Sample
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 911.22 MB     Format: MP4
Candice is tutoring her student Roxi today, she needs extra study for her exams. While Candice is on her computer, Roxi is studying down below her, shes extremely close to her flats shes wearing! Roxi starts to smell the stink coming from inside her flats and when Roxi gets the whiff she takes advantage of it! As Roxi reads through her study book she also secretly gets big sniffs off Candice's stinky stocking feet! Candice starts to test her on things she's read, Candice drops her flats and starts spreading her toes in her stockings, Roxi starts going wild! She moves a little closer and smells in between her toes! Candice eventually catches on and calls her out! Which is it? Smell her stinky teachers feet or pass the exams!
$ 15.25

Sierra Is Scared To Be Alone In This Town!     View Sample
Length: 26.00 minutes     Size: 1182.07 MB     Format: MP4
Sierra is outside on the porch talking to her husband, shes a local reporter and strange things has been happening around town! She tells him that theirs foot predators out and taking down women worshiping there feet and plus shes been getting strange messages on her phone. She tells him shes super scared to even be home alone! She is completely unaware Makayla is lurking in on her convo and is behind her getting her supplies ready! As soon as she ends the call Makayla comes up from behind striking her! Knocking her out cold! Makayla is so happy she got another victim! As she gets her positioned how she wants her, she moves down to her shoes, slipping them off and smelling them hard! There so hot and sweaty and extra stinky! She then peels off her wet socks smelling them hard, and then gets to work on her sweaty soft soles and toes! Makayla sucks and licks and slurps up Sierra's yummy tasty feet!
$ 21.50

Terri And KiKi Old School Sniff    
Length: 37.00 minutes     Size: 1491.82 MB     Format: MP4
Terri is enjoying some food and coffee, when Kiki brings her the check she realizes she left her purse at home. Terri offers to do dishes but KiKi has something better in mind. She has Terri come to her office she removes her shoes and puts her feet up on the desk. She wants Terri to sniff her sweaty stinky feet. Terri thinks it is strange but if it pays her debts she will do it. She starts sniffing and gets a little choked up from the smell, She secretly kind of enjoys it. After a while of Terri smelly her feet they move to the couch and KiKi gets to learn the ropes on smelly some stinky feet. KiKi get on her knees and starts sniffing away. After a while of KiKi sniffing Terris feet they go to the patio to enjoy some conversation with each other. !OLD SCHOOL VIDEO BUT ONE OF THE BEST!!
$ 23.50

Brynn Eats Mama's Toe jam    
Length: 16.00 minutes     Size: 722.71 MB     Format: MP4
Addison is so tired she is ready for her daughter to get busy on her feet. Brynn comes in super hungry from working out! She removes Her mom shoes and socks and starts licking and sucking all the sweat and gunk off her feet. She sucks on all her toes and licks in between them. Brynn is super hungry and is ready to get full on her mamas toe jam! Brynn is her mamas foot slave and that's all she'll ever be!
$ 14.75

Stella And Riley Get Put Down By Domme's!    
Length: 71.00 minutes     Size: 3291.25 MB     Format: MP4
Senator Stella is at the office bitching and complaining about the laws now, she is trying to stop sex workers and dungeons and the trend of domme's and slaves in the community, and how its ruining the community and society! Riley is a journalist and is meeting with Stella today about the issue. Riley totally agrees with Stella, its sick and disturbing! Until suddenly Riley looks down under her desk and see's Makayla worshiping Stella's bare feet! Stella tells her shes a good little bitch and she has her trained to treat her well while shes at the office. Stella tells Riley she can borrow her anytime she would like! Stella presumes to tell Makayla to get up and get more paperwork ready for her and tells Riley she's open to borrow her little slave! Stella gets ready for her next client, Cora enters in a very provocative outfit and immediately tells Cora to get out, she should NOT be dressed like that! Cora tells her she's a sex worker and needs her to change her mind! Stella is furious and needs her out of the office! Cora grins and starts teasing her with her heels and feet since she knows something about Stella! She has a foot fetish and is easy to fall! Stella's whole demeanor changes and falls right into Cora's trap! Its over now! Stella goes right into obeying Cora and doing everything she is told! Makayla is sneaking videos by this act, she's secretly involved with Cora! As Makayla enters in her string thong and pasties and heels she starts laughing, Stella turns around and is completely in shock! She try's telling Makayla to leave but both girls laugh! Stella is Cora's little bitch now and Makayla is going to have some fun with her too! As they turn Stella into a submissive, Riley comes back into the office and is blown away by what shes seeing! Makayla is loving every minute of this because Riley laughed at her from being under Stella's desk! Pay back is a bitch, and now not only does she get to have fun with Stella she also gets to have fun with Riley! Cora and Makayla are up to no good and wants all there money and finer things as they both are now taking over the company too! Oh but wait, they aren't finished with there little slaves just yet! Watch what the domme's do to there pathetic little whore slaves!
$ 51.50

Riley Smells and Licks Holidays Stinky Feet    
Length: 21.00 minutes     Size: 996.31 MB     Format: MP4
Riley is sitting on the couch doing home work. Holiday comes in and joins her on the couch. She props her feet up and starts reading a magazine. Riley can't help but to keep looking down at Holidays feet. Holiday removes her shoes revealing her soiled socks. Riley moves down to the floor sitting her papers on the table to get more comfy. Riley starts to lean in closer to Holidays feet taking in deep sniffs. Holiday sees what Riley is doing. Holiday removes her sweaty socks and moves her feet closer to Riley. Riley can't help but to start sniffing them even harder trying to get close enough to taste them. Eventually Riley gets a lick in. Riley starts sucking on Holidays feet, going back and fourth between sucking and sniffing. Riley loves these sweaty stinky feet.
$ 17.50

Check Your Vapes Riley Is Lurking!     View Sample
Length: 30.00 minutes     Size: 1411.93 MB     Format: MP4
Riley is downstairs sitting at the table just relaxing, and see;s Sunshine's vape sitting on the table, Riley is super curious and decides to replace it with something potent because she hasn't got to taste Sunshine yet, and really wants to see how her feet look, smell, and taste! Sunshine comes walking through and is completely pissed off, her plans has got cancelled because of the weather and she really wanted to go out! She picks up her vape and starts to take deep hits off of it, while ranting to Riley! As she continues to bitch and complain she continues to take puffs off of it, Riley moves to get a little closer to her, and Sunshine tells her, that her head is starting to feel a bit funny. Before she knows it, she is in extremely deep sleep! Riley is so happy, it worked! She then positions Sunshine on the floor and covers her up exposing her feet. She removes her sweaty stinky boots and follows with her wet socks! Riley goes in nose deep smelling them and even her bare soles and toes! They stink so good and Riley starts to completely devour her feet! Sucking and licking on each toe and twirls her wet warm tongue on her soles! She's so happy she got this opportunity! Watch your vapes because Riley is always watching and has a thing for feet!
$ 25.50

Saige And Makayla Footsie Love!     View Sample
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 563.01 MB     Format: MP4
Makayla and Saige are relaxing at the diner table, dangling in there heels. As they chit chat across from each other they touch there heels, and sway back and fourth. They talk about plans for the night and just basic daily talk, slowly and teasingly footsieing. Eventually they drop there heels to the floor, touching and rubbing there bare soles and toes together. Caressing each others feet giving them some good foot love! Watch these two tease and rub, and caress each others feet while having girly talk!
$ 10.50

Trixie Shows Off Soles    
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 563.03 MB     Format: MP4
Trixie is laying on the floor on her phone she is showing off her slightly dirty soles. She crosses her ankles and flexes her toes all while playing on her phone.
$ 10.25

Affair Drama Talk!     View Sample
Length: 32.00 minutes     Size: 1426.81 MB     Format: MP4
Brooke and Riley are hanging out today, Brooke is telling Riley about her little affair that she has brewing up. Riley try's telling her that its dangerous and his wife will find out. Brook does not care at all and knows he will leave his wife for her! As they drink coffee Brooke doesn't know that Riley slipped something in her drink! As Brooke drinks she starts to become very tired and sleepy. All of a sudden Brooke is fast asleep! Riley cannot wait to take advantage of her, especially her feet! She don't give a damn about whats going on in Brooke's life shes more concerned to get a taste of her soles and toes! Riley starts at her boots first, slipping them off and smelling inside of them! They stink so good and peels off her wet soiled socks, Riley is in heaven, smelling her stench! Riley starts going to town sucking and licking her soles and toes so good!
$ 21.50

Roxi Sniffs Pinks Big Soles    
Length: 28.00 minutes     Size: 1057.82 MB     Format: MP4
Roxi sneaks under the desk and starts taking sniffs of pinks heels. Pink notices what she is doing so she slides her heels off. Roxi takes deep whiffs of pinks sweaty soles. After awhile of sniffing under the desk, they move to the couch. Pink enjoys reading her magazine while Roxi pleasures herself by sniffing Pinks big soles.
$ 21.50

Chloe Gets Sneaky Sniffs Off Holiday!     View Sample
Length: 30.00 minutes     Size: 1350.59 MB     Format: MP4
Holiday is hanging out with Chloe today, Holiday tells her she was going to shop today but instead she decided to stay home and shop online. Holiday sits back on the couch lighting up a cig in her socked feet. Chloe is sitting on the floor trying to relax near the table, but Holiday's feet is very near her face. She asks Chloe if she can use her credit card to shop. Chloe at first refuses. Holiday knows something about her friend though, she knows Chloe has a foot fetish and she waves her stinky socked feet in her face. Chloe doesn't catch on with Holidays sneaky acts. As she scrolls online shopping, Chloe moves in a little closer to her socked feet and starts to smell. Chloe loves the stench coming off of them and is really enjoying smelling them! Holiday continues to shop but suddenly she's at her limit, so asks her another card to use. Chloe hands it over, and Holiday slips out of her socks and goes bare! Chloe is really into it, and continues too smell and gets closer, the stench is driving her wild. They both end up moving to the couch and Holiday props her bare stinky feet right onto her knee's letting Chloe dive her face into her foot stench! Watch Chloe passionately smell while Holidays max's out her credit cards!
$ 25.50

Sneaky Makayla Sniffs Pinks Big Feet!     View Sample
Length: 13.00 minutes     Size: 605.57 MB     Format: MP4
Pink is laid back on the couch looking through a magazine, Makayla is sitting on the floor close to Pink's big feet! As they chit chat about what they did today and whats the plans for later, Makayla keeps glimpsing over at her flip flop footed feet! Pink ends up slipping them off and goes bare! Makayla moves in a little closer and cant believe how big they are, shes amazed! She starts to smell hard, they stink so good and she really cant get enough of it! Makayla is in heaven, Pink has no idea whats going on at this moment, Makayla keeps digging in and smelling every inch and every stench! Suddenly, Pink notices whats Makayla is doing, she finally caught on, watch what Pink does to Makayla after she has caught her!
$ 12.25

Riley And Makayla Footsie Game    
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 952.48 MB     Format: MP4
Riley and Makayla are laying in bed and there feet keeping touching. They kind of brush it off at first. The girls than realize it is turning both of them on so they decide to make it a game. They want to see who gets turned on the most first. They footsie with each other trying to get the other to cave in with a wet juicy kiss. Both girls keep holding back as much as they can. Finally neither one can resist it any more they both give in and kiss each other at the same time.
$ 17.25

Makayla Sniffs And Licks Candice    
Length: 16.00 minutes     Size: 742.90 MB     Format: MP4
Candice is laying on the couch with her feet propped up, Makayla is sitting on the floor sneaking sniffs of her feet. Candice doesn't notice at first but when she does she wants Makayla to lick them. Makayla licks up and down her soles and on each of her toes. She even deep throats her whole foot.
$ 14.50

Whats Wrong With Hippie Chicks!     View Sample
Length: 25.00 minutes     Size: 1153.35 MB     Format: MP4
Makayla is hanging out at her house, she hears a knock at the door and jumps up to check the window to see who it could be. She notices its a hippie chick and wonders what she could want. Makayla answers and greets her inviting her inside. Her name is Lola and she is knocking from door to door wondering if any residents have shoes to give away or donate. She's organizing a shoe drive! Makayla tells her she has none to donate, but asks Lola if she could donate hers. Makayla really wants her dirty sneakers for a reason! Lola tells her no way, and even Makayla attempts to ask her if she's ever had her feet worshiped. Lola tells her she has a boyfriend and defiantly is not into girls! Makayla gets a little irritated and strikes her, knocking her out cold! Its game time for Makayla she has got another tasty victim! Watch Makayla worship Lola's big meaty wrinkly soles and toes!
$ 19.50

Read Your Lease!!    
Length: 28.00 minutes     Size: 1276.44 MB     Format: MP4
Makayla is at home sleeping when she is woke up to her landlord licking on her bare feet. She pulls back and tells her to leave but Riley refuses. She tells Makayla this is the only reason she is allowed to live here and that it is in her lease agreement that she signed. Makayla tries to argue but Riley inst having it. She quickly hits Makayla in the face knocking her out cold. Riley drags her out of bed and down to the living room passing Saige sleeping on the couch. As soon as Riley gets Makayla to the room, She goes back for Saiges feet. Same thing happens with Saige. SHe drags Saige right beside Makayla. Riley is sick of these girls not reading what the sign. She is tired from all the fuss so she decides to go upstairs for a nap. Makayla wakes up and see Saige laying beside her, She quickly wakes her up and they discuss how mad they are but how sorry they are for not reading there lease agreement. They want to show Riley how sorry they are! They head upstairs to find Riley asleep so they return the favor. Riley wakes up in rage at first but decides to take it all in Makayla and Saige continue licking Riley's feet while she licks theirs. Its a win win situation!! BLOOPERS AT END OF VIDEO!!!
$ 21.50

Brynn And Saige Kiss In The Bed While Playing Footsie    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 451.76 MB     Format: MP4
Saige and Brynn Come up the steps all wet wrapped in there towels. They go to the bedroom climb in the bed and start kissing while playing footsie. The girls really get into it. They love playing with each others feet while kissing!
$ 10.75

Riley And Saige Lock Toes    
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 575.20 MB     Format: MP4
Riley and Saige are sitting across from each other on the floor with there legs straight out and feet touching. They softly footsie with each other not paying attention, there toes lock with each others like there holding hands. They pull them apart and do it over and over again. They rub there feet on the bottoms of each others feet.
$ 10.99

Nurse Kenzie Visits Jack!     View Sample
Length: 27.00 minutes     Size: 1224.74 MB     Format: MP4
Kenzie wants to visit Jack today, she just left work and comes walking through his yard in her work clothes still on, she walks around in her stinky sneakers in the yard, flexing her feet in her sneakers. She decides to take a break and sits down on the porch propping her sore feet up from standing all day. Jack arrives finally and he immediately questions her shoes and socks, telling her she needs to take them off. Kenzie insists and does as told. They both go inside, and Kenzie starts to do a little tease, showing her soles and toes, Jack starts to stare and kind of goes a little speechless. It drives him insane since his fetish is super strong! Jack cant take it any longer and pulls her bare feet close to him and starts to smell them, they stink so good he starts licking and sucking on her toes! Kenzie giggles and lets him have at it! Kenzie has to get to her second job so she has to stop the worship session! He mentions to her to not put her sneakers and socks on he wants to spy on her walking through his yard bare foot and Kenzie does as told yet again! She loves to tease ol Jackie boy!
$ 20.50