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Welcome to Toejac.com

Sneaky Makayla Likes Sniffing Shaylee's Feet!    
Length: 25.00 minutes     Size: 1124.28 MB     Format: MP4
Shaylee is propped up on the couch reading a magazine and smoking, while Makayla is on the floor studying for a big exam. Makayla is stressing big but Shaylee's shoes are sitting right next to Makayla's face. Makayla gets distracted because she can smell a stench coming from her shoes. Makayla asks her if she wants her shoes removed. Shaylee tells her of course. Makayla pulls them off for her, and she reveals her wearing tight toe socks! Makayla loves this as she watches Shaylee read her magazine, she gets a little closer to her socks and starts to sniff them! They stink so good! It makes Makayla go crazy, she starts smelling deep and hard. Then Makayla asks her if she can take her socks off it will make her relax better! Shaylee tells her thats okay. Makayla then really gets into the stink, loving the stench! Shaylee suddenly catches on but doesn't say a word. She spreads her toes and the more she does, the stench comes stronger! Shaylee then decides to call her out and lets Makayla have them!
$ 19.50

Submissive Saige Gets A New Paramount!     View Sample
Length: 31.00 minutes     Size: 1394.83 MB     Format: MP4
Janie is having to work in the office today and she has had a rough week so she is going to treat herself today while she is in the office! By treating herself I mean she is ready to dominate her little submissive slut!!!! Janie has saige in her collar and leash along with the gag ball she walks Saige to the door like a dog to head out to the office!! Once they arrive at the office Janie walks submissive saige in like a dog once again and makes her get under the desk!! Janie makes Saige take off her high heels them smell her sweaty stink stocking feet and a few minutes of sniffing she then makes saige suck the dirt and sweat out of them. After a little bit of that she makes saige take off her panty hose and do the same thing to her dirty bare feet!!! Watch full video to see miss submissive saige get super turned on by being dominated by Janie!!
$ 19.75

Goddess Pink Takes Over Queen!    
Length: 32.00 minutes     Size: 1438.17 MB     Format: MP4
Makayla returns home to find her step aunt Pink in the living room resting her feet because shes very tired from cleaning the house. Pink has something up her sleeve and wonders if she can get Makayla as her first victim! Makayla tells her she is tired too because she is preparing things for Roxi's ceremony of her crowning!! Pink is dangling her big feet in her flats, and catches Makayla's attention. Pink see's this and tells Makayla she would love a foot rub. Makayla tells her she isnt fond of feet but she guesses she will do it for her. Suddenly she catches the stink off her feet and tells her they smell like corn chips! Pink laughs and tells her to continue and she makes her smell her socks as well, Makayla cant believe how bad they stink! Suddenly Makayla's whole demenour changes! She actually is enjoying the stink now! Pink decides to tell her plans now, she tells her that she wants her inheritance for being a princess, and also she will overthrown her family! Her big black feet will brainwash her now, and she will be a princess foot slut now! Makayla tells her she will never betray her family or become a slave! She try's resisting the stink but some reason she starts falling deeply into a smelling frenzy! Makayla is hooked now! Pink collars her and makes her undress down to her bra and panties! As Makayla is deeply into the smelling Roxi comes in and is completely blown away!! She cannot believe her sister Makayla is on her knees sucking on there step aunts feet!! Roxi confronts Makayla and goes off, suddenly Makayla grabs pinks socks and flats and shoves it into Roxi's nose, making her smell the stink! Pink laughs hysterically! Roxi suddenly starts to obey and gets on her knees down in her pantie and bra and starts to worship as well! Pink tells them both she will be taking completely over now! As both foot sluts are down below at her feet smelling hard! They both tell queen Pink to never wash her big black feet ever again!
$ 21.50

Pink Entices Makayla With Her Big Beautiful Feet!!!     View Sample
Length: 25.00 minutes     Size: 1138.79 MB     Format: MP4
Makayla is sitting on the floor trying to find something to watch on TV and Pink is on the couch looking at a magazine wearing her mules and of course she has her feet propped up on the table!! Pink knows about Makaylas foot fetish but doesn't say anything and begins to dangle her mules just because Makayla is so close. Pinks mules would fall off and she would get Makayla to put t hem back on for her just so she can dangle them off of hwer feet again! Pink gently waves her feet to and from her face trying to entice Makayla who begiins to sniff thinking she is being sneaky about it. Pink does this for a little and then she pretends to fall asleep and thats when Makayla begins to sniff more recklessly!!!
$ 18.50

Watch Your Back At All Times In This Neighborhood!    
Length: 32.00 minutes     Size: 1192.67 MB     Format: MP4
Daisy is doing fast food deliveries today and is so happy she just received a big cash tip from delivering to this house. As she gets in to her car to put her cash tip away and wondering about not doing anymore orders, little does she know theirs someone lurking on her! Suddenly Makayla rushes up to her car, and grabs her mouth and holds her there pulling out her tranquilizer and shoving it on her neck! Daisy is out within minutes! Makayla jumps with joy and starts pulling her out of the car and dragging her into her car! Makayla manages to push daisy into the trunk of her car! After that she arrives home and finishes dragging Daisy into the living room to finally take advantage of what shes been after! Makayla is so excited, and starts taking pics of her eyes and mouth. She then decides to cover her up with a blanket leaving her feet exposed! She goes down and takes off her shoes and smells the insides of them, they stink so good! She then slowly peels off her soiled socks smelling them deeply! Makayla is so excited and so hungry! She gets right into action sucking and licking all over her soles and toes! Makayla seems like she just cant get enough! After awhile of worship, Makayla takes a break to go take care of her business, she then comes back and takes a smoke break rubbing her bare feet against Daisy's. Makayla then proceeds her worship, shes having such a tasteful day! Makayla loves getting innocent victims!
$ 22.50

Candice Caught Perv Makayla!    
Length: 16.00 minutes     Size: 735.72 MB     Format: MP4
Makayla is on lunch break, and Candice decides to go in her office and waits until she gets back. Candice is pissed because Makayla has been giving her bad grades! As Candice waits for her to return she decides to go through Makayla's phone, and what she finds is disturbing!! She see's pictures of her feet and other students feet! She has a little fetish she cant keep under control obviously! Makayla finally gets back into her office, and see's Candice sitting there and she questions her about the bad grades, Makayla tells her she didn't give her an F! Candice then decides to call her out on whats on her phone, as she proceeds to take off her shoes and socks and dangles them in front of Makayla's face! Eventually Makayla gives in and cant control her self anymore. She lays down on the floor and Candice lets her have her feet ONLY if she gives her passing grades!
$ 14.50

Behind The Scenes At The Studio!    
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 504.31 MB     Format: MP4
It's another day at the studio, we have Riley, Makayla, Saige, Cinnamon, and Grayson all getting ready for customs for our great customers! Watch what our girls do on a daily to get ready for the day full of filming! We have a great environment and always enjoy each others company, especially the boss man Jack! We run a great business and will continue to do so!!
$ 9.50

Cinnamon And Grayson Big Feet Compare    
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 539.92 MB     Format: MP4
Cinnamon and Grayson are sitting around the house today being lazy on the couch!! Both girls have their feet up on the table an then Grayson tells Cinnamon that she thinks her feet are stronger and she thinks she could beat her in a toe wrestling match! They compare and measure there feet. The girls sit on the couch and put there feet together and push to see whose legs are stronger. The girls compare their feet a little before going to the board to start their first match!!! Watch full video to see who wins!!!!
$ 11.25

Candice And Daisey Hump And Footsie    
Length: 16.00 minutes     Size: 740.75 MB     Format: MP4
Candice and Daisey are laying in the bed together under the covers. They are grinding and humping each other while they footsie. They rub there feet together as they get more turned on. Candice and Daisey are so turned on by the humping they both moan out with pleasure!
$ 12.25

Girls Night Out!    
Length: 31.00 minutes     Size: 1408.33 MB     Format: MP4
Grayson and Riley both are upstairs getting ready for the night out on town! There fixing there makeup and chatting while waiting on a uber to pick them up. Riley has different plans though. As Grayson try's to look for her earrings, Riley pulls out some liquid drops and slips it into her drink. Grasyon finally finds them and goes back to her drink knocking it back! Riley tells her to wait until they get to the bar. Grayson doesn't want to wait, she wants to get tipsy before they arrive. They head downstairs and while Grayson continues to sip a little Riley is trying to find a new uber ride. Suddenly Grayson starts to feel the drink and tells Riley she don't really feel that well. In a matter of minutes Grayson falls to the floor. Shes knocked out cold. Riley is so excited that she finally got Grayson down. Shes been after one thing, and thats her big soles and toes. Watch Riley cover her up in a thin sheet and leaves her feet exposed and she completely takes advantage of Grayson's big bare feet, licking and sucking like never before, there so fulfilling!
$ 25.50

Makayla Has Supplies For Layla!    
Length: 25.00 minutes     Size: 1153.10 MB     Format: MP4
Makayla is waiting on the couch for Layla to arrive. She has a some supplies to give her and jack is going to set up security cameras for her because shes scared about the foot predators that out running town. Jack is away so Makayla is going to hand her over some things. Layla finally arrives and lets her check out the supplies that shes going to sale her! Layla of course buys it and feels relieved because now she will be protected! Makayla starts to show the dart and as she moves closer to her to show how to pull it back Makayla strikes!! Striking her right into the neck! Layla gets up and stumbles around and finally drops to the floor. Makayla has finally got another one! Shes so excited! She wraps her up in a thin sheet leaving her feet exposed. Makayla takes her time removing her shoes and socks and exposing her sexy bare soles and toes. Makayla starts to devour and suck and lick all over her soles! She starts getting horny and starts to hump her feet she cant take it anymore! Makayla is actually going to save her for Jack to taste! As Makayla starts to wrap things up Layla starts to rise and wake up. Makayla hurry's up and darts her again to save Jack such a tasty treat!!
$ 19.50

Chloe Gets Sneaky Sniffs Off Holiday!     View Sample
Length: 30.00 minutes     Size: 1350.59 MB     Format: MP4
Holiday is hanging out with Chloe today, Holiday tells her she was going to shop today but instead she decided to stay home and shop online. Holiday sits back on the couch lighting up a cig in her socked feet. Chloe is sitting on the floor trying to relax near the table, but Holiday's feet is very near her face. She asks Chloe if she can use her credit card to shop. Chloe at first refuses. Holiday knows something about her friend though, she knows Chloe has a foot fetish and she waves her stinky socked feet in her face. Chloe doesn't catch on with Holidays sneaky acts. As she scrolls online shopping, Chloe moves in a little closer to her socked feet and starts to smell. Chloe loves the stench coming off of them and is really enjoying smelling them! Holiday continues to shop but suddenly she's at her limit, so asks her another card to use. Chloe hands it over, and Holiday slips out of her socks and goes bare! Chloe is really into it, and continues too smell and gets closer, the stench is driving her wild. They both end up moving to the couch and Holiday props her bare stinky feet right onto her knee's letting Chloe dive her face into her foot stench! Watch Chloe passionately smell while Holidays max's out her credit cards!
$ 25.50

Krystal Loves Making These Foot Bitches Obey!    
Length: 70.00 minutes     Size: 3128.04 MB     Format: MP4
Krystal is wearing her stinky and sweaty house slippers today plus her wet soiled tight socks. She calls in one of her foot bitches to come serve her feet! Riley comes in and is already in position, she makes her sniff and smell her dirty slippers first and starts using her wet tongue to clean them for her! Once thats good enough she then makes her suck the sweat out of her soiled socks! Krystal is loving every minute of this, she loves her foot bitch! She then decides to peel off her socks and goes bare, gagging her little slave with her bare feet! Making her suck, lick, and gag all over her soles and toes! Krystal isn't finished yet, theirs more to come with this little foot slave that Krystal has trained oh so well!!!
$ 40.00

Brynn Sweaty Boots    
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 758.66 MB     Format: MP4
Brynn comes in her feet are all hot and sweaty. She sits down at the desk. She removes her boots and socks letting her feet air out. She scrunches her toes against the floor crossing her ankles. She gets up and moves to the kitchen to get a drink and sits at the table for a minute showing off her hot sweaty soles! She than moves to the sofa to relax a bit with her feet propped up on the table. Camera gets good angles of her soles!!
$ 15.99

Brooke And Janie Dirty Naked Foot Lick    
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 968.51 MB     Format: MP4
Brooke and Janie are both older mature woman, they are sitting on the couch talking dirty to each other about different things they like doing. They both agree they like licking and sucking dirty feet. Both girls go out on the porch together getting there soles nice and dirty. They come back in and go upstairs to the bedroom. They do lots of making out while undressing each other. They suck on each others hard nipples before starting on there feet. Janie lays down and Brooke heads to the foot of the bed, she licks up and down her dirty soles and sucks on all 10 of her toes. After Brooke licks them clean she climbs up on the bed and Janie goes down to return the favor! She licks and sucks every inch of Brookes dirty feet.
$ 15.25

Makayla And Nichole Footsie!    
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 509.70 MB     Format: MP4
Nichole is on her work break reading through a magazine. Makayla arrives and sits in front of her joining her on the break. They both scam through the magazine and suddenly touch each others legs and bare feet. They start rubbing up and down there bare legs and start to caress each others feet by playing footsie!! It feels great since they been standing on there feet all day. Watch them play footsie and enjoy each others touch!
$ 10.25

Candice Sleeping Foot Rub    
Length: 21.00 minutes     Size: 991.83 MB     Format: MP4
Candice is sitting on the couch with her bare feet on the table. Jack wants to give her a drink and she ask sarcastically how long it will put her to sleep this time. Jack assures her that everything will be okay. She takes a sip and ask for more. Candice lays on the couch with her feet on the arm rest. She is completely passed out and snores soundly. Jack rubs and massages, sniffs, kisses and plays with naked soles while she's completely limp and out cold. Now we are in the bedroom and we see Candice laid on the bed passed on her belly. Jack ties her ankles up so he can sniff and lick them. He massages them paying special attention to her big toes, he also rubs up and down her limp and motionless soles.
$ 16.50

Makena Has A Very Jealous Sister!    
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 922.93 MB     Format: MP4
Makayla is filming Makena's custom today, Makayla is very pissed because this is a custom that she likes doing! Makena tells her little slave to start worshiping her body and being a good boy! As she try's to tell him what to do, Makayla starts to film stuff that isn't even suppose to be in the video! She starts filming the ceiling, blanket, the floor all kinds of crazy shit. Makena starts getting pissed yelling at Makayla to try and tell her to stop and film her! Makena wipes boogers and spit all over the lens but little does she know she's helping Makayla out where the viewer cant even see Makena! Watch these girls fight and Makayla is the worst Filmer you will ever meet! Watch this funny custom and listen to the girls bicker and fight!
$ 15.50

The Candice Quiz!!     View Sample
Length: 26.00 minutes     Size: 1154.46 MB     Format: MP4
It's time to meet another fan but this time her temper is way shorter. She thinks her fans are fucking dumb because every time she meets them they dont know shit about her! So she decides to run the Candice Quiz to test the new fan! Every bad answer Candice will make her fan shrink little by little. Watch full video to see how much this fan knows about Candice!!!! Candice ends up mocking and humiliating her fan!!!
$ 18.25

Tattoo Appointment With Brynn!    
Length: 25.00 minutes     Size: 1141.72 MB     Format: MP4
Layla has always loved Brynn's tattoo's, and she wants to book an appointment with Brynn for a new tattoo on her arm! Brynn waits for Layla to arrive so they can go over a couple things before the procedure starts. Before things start Layla tells Brynn she's been going through it with the foot predators in town, and Brynn tells her not to worry she also has been victimized!! Brynn tells her she has to sterilize her arm first before she starts, she pulls out her dart gun as Layla stops her in her tracks. Brynn thinks she's been caught! Layla tells her she suppose to sterilize her arm first! Brynn feels relieved and decides to pull out her special rag knocking Layla out cold! Brynn is so relieved she didn't get caught which was so close, and now she can have her feet finally!! Brynn pulls her off the couch onto the floor, starting by taking her sweaty tight hot shoes off and smelling the insides. Following with her soiled socks! Brynn is so excited as she gets to work on her tasty sweaty bare soles and toes! Watch Brynn enjoy her special appointment with Layla!
$ 19.50