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Welcome to Toejac.com

Makayla Loves Pink's Big Stinky Soles!    
Length: 25.00 minutes     Size: 1163.83 MB     Format: MP4
Makayla is sitting on the floor next to Pink watching TV. Pink is scrolling through her phone, just hanging out today. Pink dangles her big size mules off her big size feet! Makayla notices Pink is very into her phone. She see's her bare arches and goes for it, Makayla moves in closer and starts to smell deeply! She loves her foot stink so much! Pink eventually lets both her mules fall off her big bare feet! Makayla really loves this so much! She gently starts to smell and gets very enticed on her stench! Pink starts to rub her big soles together, really stirring up the smell! Pink never calls her out but Makayla bury's her face deep into Pink's stinky smells!
$ 15.75

Molli Visits Makayla!    
Length: 25.00 minutes     Size: 1161.00 MB     Format: MP4
Makayla is chilling out at her house when she suddenly gets a visitor, its Molli. She was stopping by to see her nieces, Molli's brother is Makayla's ex. Makayla tells her she just put them down for a nap! Molli starts to get frustrated because its always an excuse. Molli starts to question Makayla's sugar daddies. Makayla tells her to stay out of her business. She then proceeds to ask her about the shoes she's wearing. She admits to having a foot fetish. Molli is completely grossed out! Makayla tells her about her fetish, but Molli doesn't want to hear it anymore, thats when Makayla strikes! She grabs her special rag and knocks her out! Makayla proceeds laying her out on the floor. She moves down to her shoes and takes them off following with her sweaty socks too! Makayla starts to lick and suck on her toes and wrinkly Archy soles! They just taste so good! After awhile of good foot worship Makayla wants to keep her shoes and socks so she hides them and then fakely falls asleep beside her! Molli eventually wakes up and freaks out but Makayla plays it off so well!
$ 19.50

Dirty Feet In Public? I Think YES!    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 676.64 MB     Format: MP4
Makayla is out today doing some shopping in a local store here in town. Today is different though! Since its beautiful out Makayla wants to air her feet out and walk around town and the store barefooted! There cool floors feel amazing against the bottoms of her soles! As Makayla looks around her bare feet are getting dirtier but she pays no mind. Suddenly she comes across Riley! She's out shopping as well! Riley notices her bare feet and actually she cant keep her eyes off of them! Riley asks if she can at least kiss them! Makayla says of course but she tells her what happened last time! Riley almost got divorced over this! She doesn't want to betray her husband but Riley tells Makayla he is out in the car waiting for her and she just cant resist she wants to taste them and clean them so badly for her! Makayla gives in and they head to the dressing room! Riley starts to clean them for her so good even though there are hesitate because what if Riley's husband walks in and catches them both in the act? Watch Riley clean Makayla's soles and soles with her wet tongue as eventually it becomes black!
$ 14.75

Chloe Gets Sneaky Sniffs Off Holiday!     View Sample
Length: 30.00 minutes     Size: 1350.59 MB     Format: MP4
Holiday is hanging out with Chloe today, Holiday tells her she was going to shop today but instead she decided to stay home and shop online. Holiday sits back on the couch lighting up a cig in her socked feet. Chloe is sitting on the floor trying to relax near the table, but Holiday's feet is very near her face. She asks Chloe if she can use her credit card to shop. Chloe at first refuses. Holiday knows something about her friend though, she knows Chloe has a foot fetish and she waves her stinky socked feet in her face. Chloe doesn't catch on with Holidays sneaky acts. As she scrolls online shopping, Chloe moves in a little closer to her socked feet and starts to smell. Chloe loves the stench coming off of them and is really enjoying smelling them! Holiday continues to shop but suddenly she's at her limit, so asks her another card to use. Chloe hands it over, and Holiday slips out of her socks and goes bare! Chloe is really into it, and continues too smell and gets closer, the stench is driving her wild. They both end up moving to the couch and Holiday props her bare stinky feet right onto her knee's letting Chloe dive her face into her foot stench! Watch Chloe passionately smell while Holidays max's out her credit cards!
$ 25.50

Goddess Pink Takes Over Queen!    
Length: 32.00 minutes     Size: 1438.17 MB     Format: MP4
Makayla returns home to find her step aunt Pink in the living room resting her feet because shes very tired from cleaning the house. Pink has something up her sleeve and wonders if she can get Makayla as her first victim! Makayla tells her she is tired too because she is preparing things for Roxi's ceremony of her crowning!! Pink is dangling her big feet in her flats, and catches Makayla's attention. Pink see's this and tells Makayla she would love a foot rub. Makayla tells her she isnt fond of feet but she guesses she will do it for her. Suddenly she catches the stink off her feet and tells her they smell like corn chips! Pink laughs and tells her to continue and she makes her smell her socks as well, Makayla cant believe how bad they stink! Suddenly Makayla's whole demenour changes! She actually is enjoying the stink now! Pink decides to tell her plans now, she tells her that she wants her inheritance for being a princess, and also she will overthrown her family! Her big black feet will brainwash her now, and she will be a princess foot slut now! Makayla tells her she will never betray her family or become a slave! She try's resisting the stink but some reason she starts falling deeply into a smelling frenzy! Makayla is hooked now! Pink collars her and makes her undress down to her bra and panties! As Makayla is deeply into the smelling Roxi comes in and is completely blown away!! She cannot believe her sister Makayla is on her knees sucking on there step aunts feet!! Roxi confronts Makayla and goes off, suddenly Makayla grabs pinks socks and flats and shoves it into Roxi's nose, making her smell the stink! Pink laughs hysterically! Roxi suddenly starts to obey and gets on her knees down in her pantie and bra and starts to worship as well! Pink tells them both she will be taking completely over now! As both foot sluts are down below at her feet smelling hard! They both tell queen Pink to never wash her big black feet ever again!
$ 21.50

Candice Stocking Hurt Feet    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 701.53 MB     Format: MP4
Candice is hosting at her job. She is wearing her new high heels with her stockings. Her feet are so hot and sore. She dips in and out of her heels, she spreads her toes in front of the fan trying to get some relief. She pulls both her feet out of her shoes and stands on top of them.
$ 13.75

Oreo Cookie Gets The Cream!    
Length: 26.00 minutes     Size: 1173.88 MB     Format: MP4
Cocoa has Shaylee and Kookie on the bed in there bikinis as she comes in today to worship and pamper both there bare soles and toes! She make sure she gets them real nice and wet as she gags on both there feet and twirls her long wet tongue in between there toes! Cocoa then desperately needs some sweet cream on her long wet tongue! Shaylee takes off her bikini bottoms as Cocoa makes her way up to her sweet pussy! Cocoa starts to lick and suck on her clit making her pussy real nice and wet! Shaylee loves getting her nice pussy wet and juicy making her real horny! Kookie then gets a little jealous and wants hers ate just like Cocoa did Shaylee! Kookie takes her bottoms off as Cocoa gets sweet cream! Cocoa makes Kookie's sweet pussy real nice and wet and drowned in saliva! Cocoa loves getting her cream as Shaylee and Kookie are satisfied!
$ 20.50

Camping Stuff For Sale!    
Length: 26.00 minutes     Size: 1165.02 MB     Format: MP4
Makayla has a lot of things for sale all of her old camping gear! Kassi messaged her first about it and would like to come by and check it out she's very interested! Makayla sits and waits and finally she arrives, Kassi is very interested in the sleeping bag and grill! Makayla tells her the tent is on the front porch she will show her later! As Kassi goes to look through some things Makayla asks a very personal question, she asks how her feet looks, and proceeds to ask her if shes had her feet pampered before as in worshiping them? Kassi freaks out and thinks its disgusting and shuts Makayla down! As soon as Kassi turns her back Makayla grabs a rag and strikes, knocking her out cold! Makayla thinks she would look so sexy being wrapped up in the sleeping bag! She wraps her up leaving her feet hanging out! She takes off her shoes and socks and Makayla loves the smell of them! She loves feeding time especially Kassi's bare soles and toes! She starts to taste them, licking and sucking on her bare toes and twirling her wet tongue on her wrinkly arches! After a good foot worship Makayla takes her sneakers and socks for souvenirs, Kassi eventually wakes up and freaks out not knowing where she is or what happened!
$ 19.50

Sisters Smack There Flip Flops!    
Length: 8.00 minutes     Size: 391.65 MB     Format: MP4
Makena and Makayla are sitting in the office and they love teasing you with there flip flops! They start smacking there flip flops against there sweaty soles! They tease him giving him a jerk off instruction while smacking there flip flops! The sisters love to tease and smack just for you to watch and jerk your little cock off to!
$ 7.50

My Big Stinky Feet Will Reprogram Your Brain!    
Length: 31.00 minutes     Size: 1402.82 MB     Format: MP4
Grayson is sitting at the teachers desk and Sarah suddenly comes walking in telling her she needs to stop bullying her friend Addy! Grayson tells her that she loves bullying her and eventually she will become a obedient foot pet! Sarah is surprised that the teacher is not siting at the desk and asks her what happened? Grayson laughs and tells her that she has enslaved her and all the other girls who defied her and has forced them all to smell her big stinky feet! She will soon rule this school and build a lesbian harem of foot slaves! Sarah tells her that will never happen its completely impossible! She tells Sarah if she massages and sniffs her big feet she will stop bullying Addy! At first Sarah refuses but then eventually accepts! She removes one shoe and is blown back by the stink! She starts to massage them but her hands are becoming to stink real bad. She then removes her sock and shoves Sarah's head into her stinky bare soles making her take big deep whiffs of the stink! As Sarah is smelling deeply and massaging shes beginning the like it a lot! The next day Sarah brings Addy with her as Grayson is sitting in a chair waiting for them to arrive! Sarah kneels down to Grayson's feet and Addy looks at her strangely! She asks Addy what is she doing. Sarah explains it all and Addy is shocked at first. Sarah grabs Addy and makes her smell deep! Addy try's to fight this off but theirs no way! The more Sarah forces her she begins to like very much! They both have completely transitioned into foot slaves as Grayson makes them undress down to there panty and bra's, Grayson then puts leashes on them and makes them start worshiping her big stinky soles and toes!
$ 22.50

Kristen And Makayla Sweaty Soles!    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 684.77 MB     Format: MP4
Makayla and Kristen come in from a tiring day and want nothing more than to relax and light up there cigarettes! They prop there feet up on the table and light up sucking down there nicotine! They remove there sweaty stinky shoes, boots. They wiggle there toes in there sweaty wet socks! After awhile they remove there socks and air out the stink as it eventually feels up the room in stinky feet! They wiggle and flex there bare soles and toes as they talk about having some foot fetish guys coming over later to worship there stinky sweaty feet!
$ 13.50

Candice Makes You Lick Her Feet Clean    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 472.50 MB     Format: MP4
Candice has a surprise for you. Her feet are extremely dirty. She wants you to lick them clean. She wants you to lick up and down her soles and in between her toes. Candice wants you to lick her feet clean. She wants them to be spotless!
$ 9.75

Brooke Is Scared To Work In Law Enforcement!    
Length: 32.00 minutes     Size: 1447.42 MB     Format: MP4
Brooke just got home from the first day on the job as a police officer! She had a big scare today and shes extremely nervous! She sits down and relaxes or try's to at least. She eventually starts to take off her shoes and socks and flexes her sweaty feet. She cant stop thinking about the lesbian girl that tried making moves on her, it scared her real bad, she must be crazy! Suddenly she gets a knock at the door, she jumps up and checks who it is, but its her friend Riley! Brooke invites her in and she tells Riley about everything that happened today! Riley cant believe it. Suddenly theirs another knock at the door, Brooke jumps up and peeps through her blind and see's that its the lesbian girl Stella! Riley tells her to let her in and cuff her! As soon as she does, little does Brooke know but Riley is also behind this! Riley grabs her special rag and knocks Brooke out cold! Stella is thrilled that this worked she got Brooke! Scene opens up to Brooke on the bed in a bondage kit and gagged and still knocked out and completely nude! Brooke starts to wake up and she is completely freaked out! Riley tells her to calm down its okay! As Riley starts to lick and suck on her bare pretty pussy, while Stella watches! Now its time for Stella's turn to taste her pussy what shes been waiting on for awhile! After they have made Brooke cum a couple times, they even bring out some toys! Watch Stella and Riley enjoy playing and pleasuring Brooke!
$ 22.50

Riley Loves To Slipper Play And Tease In Her Nylons!    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 469.26 MB     Format: MP4
Riley is outside dipping in her nylons and fuzzy slippers, showing off her wrinkles and toes! She then goes inside and props her nyloned feet up while reads a magazine as she flexes her toes and stretches out her soles! Riley crosses her ankles and flexes her nylon feet! Teasing and wiggling her toes!
$ 9.50

Cinamon Stole Makayla's Servant!    
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 900.74 MB     Format: MP4
Cinnamon has always wanted a tiny loser to serve her big bare feet! So she has stolen Makayla's tiny servant to worship her big bare feet and her body! As Cinnamon tells him what to worship, Makayla is in the background asking Cinnamon if she has seen her tiny sand boy! Cinnamon deny's and tells her she hasn't seen him at all, while hiding him under her ass or shoving him in her sweaty armpits! Makayla is furious because he is no where to be found! Makayla calls him bad names and Cinnamon tells her to stop calling such horrible things! Makayla tells her he loves it and doesn't mind her calling him names! Cinnamon tells him to keep worshiping her feet and body while Makayla continues to search! Suddenly Cinnamon hears Makayla coming back downstairs so she grabs him and places him on the floor hiding him with her bare sweaty feet on top of him! Makayla sits down beside her and asks what she has her feet on? Suddenly Makayla busts her and she grabs her tiny servant! Kissing him and runs off with him telling him no body can have him, that he is hers forever!
$ 15.25

Shaylee Models Flip Flops    
Length: 25.00 minutes     Size: 1161.33 MB     Format: MP4
Shaylee is ready to model all theses flip flops for you. She tries on each pair one by one and dangles and dips in them. She gets up and walks around showing you how good they fit and look on her feet. Shaylee knows you love watching her model new flip flops and how much you love her beautiful feet.
$ 17.75

Saige Made A Wish In Her Diary!     View Sample
Length: 21.00 minutes     Size: 966.47 MB     Format: MP4
Candice is sitting on the sofa laughing and giggling about Saige's diary that shes been looking in. Saige arrives and and Candice calls her out on what shes found, Saige is in shock and drops her bag to the floor. Candice reads aloud what has been wrote. Saige has a big foot fetish and wants to be her sisters foot slave! Candice is laughing hysterically and Saige is mortified! Candice is nice though and lets her wishes comes true! She tells her sister to get on her knee's and take off her sweaty heel boots! Saige obeys just like a slave should! She makes her smell the inside of them and tells her to peel off her sweaty thick socks! Now she makes her smell deeply into her bare soles and toes! Saige wish is to have her sisters foot stench on her face so Candice makes sure she does just that!
$ 16.25

Cinnamon Can't Stand Her Lazy Room Mate!    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 702.24 MB     Format: MP4
Cinnamon has just got off work and is furious because the house is a wreck and trash is built up and it stinks! Cinnamon busts her ass everyday and her roommate Makayla is just a nasty slob! Cinnamon has had it today with her shit! She calls her into the room, and Makayla is all dressed up, she asks where shes going dressed up like that? Makayla tells Cinnamon shes been helping pay the bills, she gave her twenty dollars last month! Cinnamon thinks shes hilarious and a joke! Makayla tells her shes going upstairs because Cinnamon is being a moody bitch! Cinnamon stops her in her tracks telling her shes going to worship her big stinky sweaty feet! Its either that or she will be kicked out living on the street! Makayla obeys and starts to cry and whine as Cinnamon gags her deep and hard with her big stinky sweaty bare soles and toes!
$ 14.50

Shaylee Puts Brynn Through Hypnosis Part Three!    
Length: 25.00 minutes     Size: 1123.00 MB     Format: MP4
Shaylee and Brynn head upstairs after a hypnosis, and when they enter the bedroom they immediately start undressing each other. Once there full nude they start making out with each other, and they both join each other on the bed. As they make out they start working down each others legs, Shaylee takes full advantage and starts to worship her bare soles and toes, working all the way up to her sweet pussy making it nice and wet! Shaylee drives Brynn wild. Brynn cant take it any longer and she returns the favor, making Shaylee nice and wet and worshiping her feet as well! The pink room starts getting all hot and heavy! They both love feeding on each other, but as Shaylee enjoys her time she gets a phone call from her daughter. Which Brynn and Shaylee's daughter is best friends. Brynn doesn't want her to find out about her crushing on her mom Shaylee! Shaylee shrugs it off they had so much fun and don't want it to end! They continue making out and cuddling making that pink room a big memory or will they continue there sneaky hot business!
$ 20.25

Kristen Sore Feet    
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 930.45 MB     Format: MP4
Kristen and her colleague are in their hotel room preparing for their presentation for today's business convention. Kristen gets out a new pair of shoes and walks around in them showing off her sexy legs. They are new and fit a little tighter than when she tried them on at the store she is worried that her feet will hurt and thinks she should change but then assumes that she will be sitting the entire time. so she keeps them on and they head off to the convention. They are having to wait in the hallway when Kristen starts to get nervous over the presentation but she is more worried about her aching feet where they have had to stand all morning and now her feet are throbbing in those tight shoes!!! Kristen does a lot of dipping in and out of those tight heels. Rubs her achy feet and eventually stands on her high heels with her bare feet crushing them!
$ 16.50