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Office Secretary's Smoke While Dangling and Toe Wrestling     View Sample
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 250.00 MB     Format: WMV

Hali and Brooke are at work in the office wearing their highest heels. Hali is bare legged but Brooke has on tan stockings. They are seen dangling and toe spreading while barely keeping their heel on their foot. Hali turns around and lights up a cig. Brooke soon does the same and they begin chit chatting about their boss and how he is such a prick and a perv. They exhale large clouds of smoke and dip in and out of their heels. They drop a pen and pick it up to show each other how their boss makes them do it every time he's around just to get a glimpse of their ass. they hate him and almost fed up with him. They both drop one of their heels off and begin to rub and down each others legs. Soon after, they begin to lock both big toes an slightly squeeze while still casually talking. They toe spread and toe point and keep interlocking toes until they hear their boss returning to work. They quickly put their heels back on and continue going about their day.

$ 9.99


Brooke and Belle Footsie Fight     View Sample
Length: 13.00 minutes     Size: 289.10 MB     Format: WMV

Brooke is sitting at her table, waiting for her boyfriend, when Belle walks up and asks if she can sit down. Brooke tells her she's waiting for someone and the seats not available. Belle tells her there's no where else to sit and she'll move when Brooke's boyfriend gets there. Brooke rolls her eyes and Belle sits down. The girls are both wearing sexy heels and short skirts. The cross their legs and dangle their heels off the ends of their toes. Belle knocks Brooklyn's heel off and she wiggles her toes. Belle lets her heel fall off and they bring their feet together, playing footsie. Before long the girls are engaging in a foot fight! They pinch at one another toes and attempt to push the others foot. The girls ring both of their feet together and squeeze each other with their toes! They don't like each other and they aren't afraid to show it! (HiDef)

$ 10.25


Veteran Holiday and Rookie Sassy Lock toes at the office     View Sample
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 263.37 MB     Format: WMV

Holiday is on break at work at her usual table. She prefers to sit alone. She's a private person and most people consider her a bitch at work. The new girl, Sassy, walks in having no idea about the "rules" of her new office job. She's very outgoing unless someone were to step on her toes and she takes a seat next to Holiday. Holiday immediately asks who in the hell she is and tells her this is her table. Sassy pffttsss in her face and sits anyways. They sit and dangle in their heels, with Holiday pissed off as hell. When the heels, come off, so do the claws. The girls lock big toes and squeeze with all their might. They use the sweat from their toes to wedge between each others, with a pit bull lock. Holiday may be the veteran at work but Sassy is going to show her who will be in charge from now on!

$ 9.99


Brooke uses her sweaty stinky southern feet to please you    
Length: 16.00 minutes     Size: 344.67 MB     Format: WMV

Brooke can't wait to get a hold of you with her sexy feet. She would love nothing more than to shove her whole foot right down your throat! Not only your throat, but you ass as well! She would love to shove it as far down your anal canal as possible and then once she's inside, wiggle her perfect little toes all inside you. She begs for you to cum on every single wrinkle and then lick it off with your wet tongue. She's always up for a little company to join in the fun. Two guys cocks between her soles are better than one. Slipping and sliding against each other using cum and saliva as lube. Brooke puts her sweaty southern feet to the test as she does her best to make you cum super hard all over her most desired feature of her body.

$ 12.99


Selena Degrades Her Pathetic Foot Slave     View Sample
Length: 13.00 minutes     Size: 283.54 MB     Format: WMV

Selena has got a request for a custom video from one of her fans. Selena thinks her customer is completely pathetic and nothing more than a slave to her. She calls him a freak and teases him for paying just to see her feet! Selena orders him to pull his dick out and jack off to her sexy little size 7 feet! Selena than makes him get on his knees and beg like a bitch for her feet! She hides them from him until she's convinced her he really wants to see them! Selena than pours baby oil all over her feet and gets them lubed up and slippery for him! She tells him to pick up the pace as he strokes his cock! He's almost there when Selene gives him a bust countdown. She reaches one and he busts his big, warm load all over her pretty feet. Selena laughs and tells him he's so pathetic as she rubs her feet together, smearing the cum all over them. (HiDef)

$ 10.50


Savannh And Marie Attempt To See Whose Feet Are Better     View Sample
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 267.03 MB     Format: WMV

Savannah and Marie are face to face and both think their feet are stronger and better than their opponents. They decide to try out different methods to see if they can prove their feet abilities. They point their toes toward each others and try to wedge them in between their opponents. They quench every time they feel pain caused by the tight fit. they slap the front and also the back of their feet together to see who can handle the pain and to see whose slap is harder. they sit on the floor and again wedge their toes together and squeeze away. Both girls think their feet are bad ass and can tolerate any pain that come their way. Lastly, They lie on the floor and play footsie with light slapping against soles once again. Both girls have awesome feet but are stronger and better in different ways.

$ 10.99


3 Friends Make A Bet And Make Loser Lick Feet     View Sample
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 444.94 MB     Format: WMV

Three Friends Sassy, Hali, and Holiday, are sitting on the bed watching the anticipated rivalry basketball game Kentucky vs. Louisville. They are dressed appropriately in their red and blue to symbolize the team they are rooting for. Sassy and Holiday are dressed in Kentucky colors and Hali is by herself rooting for Louisville in her red oversized T shirt. Even though she is by herself in rooting for Louisville, Hali is so confident that they are going to beat Kentucky's ass that she suggests they all make a bet. They all decide that whichever team looses, that person or person's have to lick the winner's feet. They all agree and eagerly continue to watch the last remaining seconds of the game. It all comes down to the last shot. Ding ding ding! And Kentucky is the winner!!! Hali is highly upset and surely did not see that one coming. They were doing so well and never thought they would do so poorly in the end. Most of all, she is irritated because she knows what she has to do. She has to suck up her pride and do what she said she was going to do. She gets down on her knees and prepares to worship the four feet in front of her. The girls giggle in her face as they watch her slide her tongue between all their toes and even try to shove their whole foot in her petite mouth. Hali slides her warm wet tongue up and down their wrinkly soles as the girls continue to talk trash about the game and even bring up more humiliating shit about Hali. They tell her that they seen her boyfriend with another chick at the mall and they looked very cozy. Hali is so pathetic and doesn't know what to do. She keeps licking, kissing, and sucking their sweaty toes passionately all the while she hates herself for even coming up with the idea to make a bet. To keep her ambition to lick feet going, she assures herself that next time, Louisville is going to win and her role will be reversed!

$ 16.25


Jill Gives Loser Boy A Sole Show     View Sample
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 431.00 MB     Format: WMV

Jill talks shit to her little loser boy that never gets any pussy. She makes him pay just to see her beautiful sexy soles. She tells him how pathetic he is and that he will never amount to anything. She tells him he is not worthy of her goddess feet and demands him to whip out his cock and stroke it. She positions her feet so that there's a small hole to fit his cock in. She wants him to explode all over every wrinkle she has! She makes a countdown for him and once she reaches 1, she wants your cum all over and in between every toe she has. Then, she wants you to rub it all over you belly!

$ 14.99


Chrissy cleans mat with diry soles     View Sample
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 232.75 MB     Format: WMV

Chrissy's in her t-shirt and panties with her huge size 12 soles are filthy and she's on her knees cleaning the mat. She moves around as she cleans it showing off her gorgeous wide, dirty, wrinkled soles!

$ 8.99


Teacher Lia has sore feet     View Sample
Length: 8.00 minutes     Size: 189.05 MB     Format: WMV

Lia and her class went on a field trip today and she forgot to wear her comfortable shoes and ended have to wear her heels all day. When they get back to school her feet are killing her and as she watches over the class as they finish up their day she dips her stocking foot in and out of her heel, even standing on it trying to ease the pain. She even rubs her foot from times to time and talks to herself about how much they're killing her. At the end of the day the class leaves and a coworker comes to her room. She informs her that she has to stay after class today and sign guest in for the tiny convention they are hosting. Lia ask if she has time to go change her shoes but she's told she cant so she has to stand in her heels even longer.

$ 6.99


Hali gets caught trying to scam people     View Sample
Length: 21.00 minutes     Size: 455.68 MB     Format: WMV

Savannah, Marie and Hali are all roommates, Savannah and Marie strip and work hard for their money but they notice Hali leaves for a few hours a day but she doesn't have a job and they wonder how she pays her half of the bills. When Hali comes in looking for her hospital back with a wig on they decide to ask her what she's up to. She tells them they cant tell any one but she figured if she put a wig on and acted like she had cancer people would give and money and it actually worked! Savannah and Marie are pissed to hear what a horrible thing she's doing and Marie is even more upset because her dad died from cancer. They tell her that they should whoop her ass for this and she begs them not to so they come up with a way to humiliate her for all the fucked up things she's done. They make her get on her knees then Savannah rips her wig off and makes fun of her for. They then make her lick, kiss and suck every inch other there big long stinky soles and toes. They move in different positions so Hali can lick every wrinkle and they even foot fuck her mouth and threaten to tell her boyfriend how she's trying to scam people out of their money!

$ 16.50


Jill shows You Her Hot Ass And Dirty Feet    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 224.40 MB     Format: WMV

Jill has your right where she wants you and she is going to do nothing but tease the hell out of you showing you everything you want to see!! You've been begging and now shes showing you everything. Her feet are dirty and she has on her favorite pair of heels that you happen to love ohh so much . She dangles her heels off her dirty size tens while you get great views of her nice juicy ass, she even toe spreads like she never has before. Jill makes you so hot and heavy by dangling in front of you, she loves teasing you to the point of making you cum! Jill knows you love and respect her dirty high arched feet! (HIdef)

$ 9.75


Kaya Slides Her Slippery Feet In Your Mouth    
Length: 13.00 minutes     Size: 279.69 MB     Format: WMV

Kaya knows you absolutely love her big wrinkly soles. You love them so much you pay to see them and you would do anything to see them. She makes you do just that. Beg. She makes you plead for them and beg just to get a glimpse of them. She hides them from you just so she can hear you beg She brings them back out and shoves them right in your face, telling you how she wants you to jerk your dick as she teases you with her sexy feet and toes. She oils them up for you so it's easier for you to slide your hard throbbing cock between both her soles. She slips and slides her toes between each other and keeps urging you to crank your dick and not cum until she tells you to. She keeps commenting on how pathetic you are for liking, paying for, and jerking off the her big soles. At the end, she tells you that you have to at least jack off ten times today to her wet oiled up feet!

$ 10.99


Lenore Exposes Her Filthy Grimy Soles In Black Flats     View Sample
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 229.39 MB     Format: WMV

Lenore is at the house flipping through a magazine. As she dangles in her black flats, she brings them close the edge of her foot, exposing her filthy soles beneath. Her shoes fall to the floor several times as she lights up a cig, taking long drags off it and exhaling large clouds of smoke. She walks into the kitchen to get a cold drink and pauses as the countre as she takes long sips off it. She stands with one leg slightly bent and slides her feet in and out of her flats, raising them up, revealing still the filth that remains of them. She toe spreads giving glimpses of her perfect arches. She opens up the door and looks outside while she slips her feet in and out and scrunches them to show off her wrinkly dusty caked on soles!

$ 8.75


Saige Baby Sits Little Foot Obsessed Boy     View Sample
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 257.94 MB     Format: WMV

Saige has been baby sitting a little boy who has a thing for her beautiful feet. They get back from the pool and he sits down on the floor beside the couch. She sits on the couch with her feet right in his face. Instead of watching TV he stares at Saige's feet as she dangles her flip flops off the ends of her toes. She scrunches her soles and spreads her toes right in his face and he gets so excited! He loves her feet! (HiDef)

$ 9.99


Lenore Loves Her New Neighbor's Size 12s     View Sample
Length: 22.00 minutes     Size: 486.09 MB     Format: WMV

Chrissy just moved in a new place and everyone in their neighborhood seems to be rude to her, except her neighbor, Lenore. Chrissy doesn't know that Lenore is only being nice because she is attracted to her size massive size 12 feet. Lenore wants to get her hands on Chrissy's feet and the only way to do it is to befriend her! Lenore and Chrissy sit on her couch, talking about how Chrissy is adjusting to the neighborhood. Chrissy has her feet propped up on her coffee table and tells Lenore that they are killing her. She's been wearing her high heels all day and her feet are so sore. Lenore sees her chance to maybe get a hold of Chrissy's feet! Lenore tells her she wouldn't mind her rub them for her but Chrissy tells her she couldn't let her do that. Her feet have been sweating all day and she's sure they probably smell awful! Lenore promises she doesn't mind and Chrissy says she doesn't mind if Lenore doesn't. Lenore jumps up and gets down in front of her feet and instantly starts rubbing them. She tells Chrissy she actually likes the smell of stinky feet and than buries her face into Chrissy's feet. Lenore is in love! Chrissy's foot is as big as Lenore's head! Chrissy is freaked out but doesn't want to lose her only friend in the neighborhood. Lenore offers to give her feet a "tongue massage" and says it will make them feel alot better. Chrissy agrees to let Lenore do whatever she wants. Lenore runs her tongue up and down Chrissy's massive soles and than bobs on her toes. Chrissy is amazed by how good it feels but she can't believe someone would actually want to lick all over her stinky, sweaty feet! (HiDef)

$ 17.99


Lenore shows her filthy soles     View Sample
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 224.57 MB     Format: WMV

Lenore just got done cleaning her house stables in her cow girl boots and decides to take a break. She never wears socks with her boots so when she takes them off her feet are super dirty! As she sits there crossing her legs and wiggling her toes she talks bout how good it feels to ride again but how she hates cleaning up. You get great views of her filthy soles and toes before she puts her boots back on to go finish up.

$ 8.75


Anna And Angie Tease Him     View Sample
Length: 14.00 minutes     Size: 310.77 MB     Format: WMV

Angie and Anna Are Kicked Back Relaxing and They Give A friend some Great views, They put their soles right in his face, and rub them together. They even Stick their stinky feet right in his face and make him love every inch of their beautiful soles! (Hidef)

$ 12.99


Chrissy Makes HIm Jerk Off To Her BIG Soles    
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 260.32 MB     Format: WMV

Chrissy Knows you have waited so long to jerk off to her big sexy feet. She invites you over and makes you sit in front of her, she tells you exactly how she wants you to jerk off to her soles. She makes you unzip your pants and pull your little cock out and then shows you exactly how to jerk it off and hold your balls with your other hand. Chrissy then Sticks her big soles right in your face, telling you to stroke that cock . Chrissy Teases and teases until you cum! (HIdef)

$ 9.99


Raina Makes It Hard For Her Repair Guy To Do Anything     View Sample
Length: 17.00 minutes     Size: 370.46 MB     Format: WMV

Raina has impatiently waiting for the repair man to show up all day long to fix her computer. He finally shows up and apologizes for being late but Raina is as rude as ever. He informs her he has to be directly under her desk but she informs him, that she has to continue her because she has a deadline. He awkwardly begins working beneath her feet as Raina begins to rub his face all over with her sweaty stocking soles. She kneads her face and twists the skin on his face. He soon realizes he wont be able to fix the problem today. Raina, already annoyed demands him to open his fucking mouth and deep throat her foot. He tells her he can't perform that task but Raina scares him so badly with her stern voice, he feels he has no choice. He begins to lick and suck her stocking soles. She removes them and tells him to continue his job. Since he can't fix her computer he must make his time there useful. With her bare toes and soles in his face, she becomes more forceful and rubs as hard as she can all around his pathetic face. She makes him stick out his tongue and lick up and down her soles. He begs her to let him stop but she giggles and tells him he can't stop yet, they're having so much fun!!

$ 12.99