Welcome to Toejac.com

Welcome to Toejac.com

Sarah And Krystal Suck Down Nicotine!    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 719.65 MB     Format: MP4

Krystal is laid back on the couch on her stomach with her bare feet behind her and lights up a cigg, and starts to inhale deeply, she loves her nicotine so much! Sarah comes in and joins her on the couch, lighting up her cigg and they do some small talk, as they enjoy there nicotine together with there bare feet propped up. They then decide to give each other a foot rub while finishing off there ciggs! Sarah and Krystal lay on there belly's on the futon with there feet flexed back in the air as they light up another cigg, taking deep inhales, and releases the smoke slow and sexy! The girls love there ciggs so much!

$ 14.50


Cinnamon Shoes Are To Big!!!    
Length: 21.00 minutes     Size: 932.12 MB     Format: MP4

Cinnamon is trying to find a pair of shoes to wear with her cute little dress. Every pair she tries on are way to big. She gets up trying to walk and walks right out of them. She can't seem to find a pair that will fit her feet. Cinnamon does not understand what is going on and why all her shoes are gigantic.

$ 16.50


Grayson And Kookie Big Shoe Try On!    
Length: 16.00 minutes     Size: 722.36 MB     Format: MP4

Kookie and Grayson are hanging out today and has all kinds of big flats, and heels to try on. They start by dangling the shoes off there stocking feet. The girls cant believe how much bigger these shoes are compared to there stocking feet. They walk around in them, and compare there heights and hand sizes. They try and fit on some more that has a better fit but there so big on there stocking feet!

$ 13.50


Cora Crawls Around Topless!    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 464.65 MB     Format: MP4

Sexy Cora is on her hands and knees crawling around extending her beautiful legs and stretching her wrinkly bare soles out as you follow her through the house. Showing off her bare soles and toes for you and following her sexy ass. She then slips out of her pants and removes her shirt and bra, continuing to crawl through the house, as you watch her big beautiful breasts swing and tease you with her beautiful body!

$ 9.50


Candice Airs Out Sore Feet    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 565.48 MB     Format: MP4

Candice feet are so hot and sore. She is wearing her high black pumps and stockings. She dips in and out of the heels placing her foot in front of the fan to cool it off. She takes turns switching each foot out. She sits in the chair and takes off both heels and sticks her feet in front of the fan!

$ 13.50


Kenzie And Jill Big Shoe Collection!     View Sample
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 705.30 MB     Format: MP4

Jill and Kenzie are hanging out wearing nylons and dangling in there loose flats, but they are HUGE! They start to get annoyed by their flats keep slipping off, so they swap pout to see if they fit each other better. After awhile they start to compare there stocking feet, sole to sole to do a quick comparison even comparing there hands. They have more flats to play around with, but come to find out there way to big as well! They dangle in them shoe playing, and switching flats to see who they fit better!

$ 12.25


Teacher Jill Dipps In Class!     View Sample
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 725.61 MB     Format: MP4

Jill is teaching class today in her tight stockings and heels! As she walks around explaining the work that needs to be done today, she cant help but to dip in and out of her heels, rubbing her soles against each other. Jill has always had a bad student in her class that pays no attention to work, he has a staring problem! She catches him all the time staring down at her feet! Jill catches him again in the act and calls him out for it! Jill walks around teasing him with dipping in and out showing off her big stocking feet!

$ 13.75


Big Feet With Loose Shoes    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 709.96 MB     Format: MP4

Addison and Jill both have big feet. They need some shoes to go out in. They have some shoes to try on but every pair fall off and are way to big. The girls try to walk around in them but they walk right out of them. They sit in the tall chairs and try to dangle but same problem they fall right off. The girls even find a pair that both there feet fit into together. They have some big feet but these shoes are even bigger!!

$ 12.75


Cora Poor Sore Stocking Feet    
Length: 30.00 minutes     Size: 1407.74 MB     Format: MP4

Cora has been showing houses all day her feet are so sore from wearing pumps. She has one more client to show the house to. Cora doesn't know how she is going to make it. Her feet are absolutely killing her, all she wants to do is sit down and prop her feet up. Cora starts to show the house starting with the kitchen. She dips her feet out of her heels every chance she gets going back and fourth between each foot. When she moves to the living room she quickly sits down removing her heels letting her stocking feet breathe for a minute before putting them back on. Cora apologizes for being unprofessional but she can not bare it any more.

$ 22.25


Riley And Holiday Big Shoe Try Out!     View Sample
Length: 16.00 minutes     Size: 767.68 MB     Format: MP4

Holiday and Riley dip in and out of there BIG shoes that they have many pairs of, but they want to try on all of them just to see how big they are compared to there feet! As they try and walk around in different pairs of shoes they keep slipping out of them, there so big they can fit both feet into one shoe! They struggle trying to keep them on there feet, they compare themselves to one another and continue to joke about how big these flats are!

$ 13.25


Holiday Bare Soles    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 699.68 MB     Format: MP4

Holiday walks in with her old work shoes on. She has been on her feet all day. She pulls off her shoes reveling her soiled black socks. After a minute she pulls off her socks letting her feet get some air. She does lots of toe pointing and toe wiggling. Holidays feet are so sweaty, she is glad to be airing them out.

$ 13.75


Kookie Big Shoes    
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 520.05 MB     Format: MP4

Kookie is at work, her shoes are way to big they fall off every time she moves her feet. She hunts for some new shoes but every single pair she finds are way to big. She tries to walk and walks right out of them big boys. Kookie has big feet but not that big. She needs to find some smaller more comfy shoes.

$ 10.25


Jamie And The Boss Pt. 7    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 678.51 MB     Format: MP4

Jamie walks down the side walk wearing her winter office wear. Jack pulls up offering her a ride. Jamie gets in putting her booted feet up on the dash trying to get warm. Jamie takes off her coat and scarf and put her booted feet up on the dash. Jack insist that she go barefoot, so she doesn't get his car dirty. They playfully argue, eventually Jamie gives in and takes her boots, Jack tells her to remove her panty hose to. She giggles and argues but does it anyways. Jamie puts her bare feet back on the dash. They arrive at the house Jamie runs in changes clothes for work at the hospital. Jamie comes out in scrubs and barefoot. She jumps in the car and starts putting on her shoes, Jack tells her to stay bare foot. She stays barefoot till they arrive at the hospital. She puts on her socks and sneakers gets out the car and walks up to the hospital.

$ 12.99


Black And White Stocking Suck    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 473.28 MB     Format: MP4

Cali and Roxi are sitting across from each other one girl wearing a black stocking and the other wearing a white. They take turns getting on the floor deeply sniffing the other girls stocking foot. Each girl licks and sucks the stocking foot. After they switch roles they sit across from each other again and both girls lick and suck on each others foot at the same time.

$ 9.99


Big Feet Are Still Small Compared To Flats!     View Sample
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 676.54 MB     Format: MP4

Alex Moon is relaxing at her house and her friend has left for awhile, but shes curious about her friends flat and pumps, there laying all throughout the house. So she starts trying them on, realizing how big and massive they are compared to her feet! Shes shocked that her friend has really BIG feet! She try's each pair on, seeing all the extra space they have in them! Its completely crazy how big they all are, theirs hardly no pair that actually fits right!

$ 13.75