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Welcome to Toejac.com


Bree dips at her Desk    
Length: 25.00 minutes     Size: 553.00 MB     Format: WMV

Bree works away on casual Friday, she deserved her much needed break of not wearing heels for a day.. Yesterday she stood all day and her feet were sore, today she wore her flip flops to help her tired sore feet. As Bree works she dips in and out of her flip flop while she toe spreads and flexes!(HIdef)

$ 15.25


Hali's Sorority Initiation Day     View Sample
Length: 22.00 minutes     Size: 472.21 MB     Format: WMV

It's Initiation Day for Hali at alpha beta pie and she is dressed and ready to go! She has her best dress on and her highest heels. She walks in the room where her two sorority initiation leaders, Kaya and Marie, and dressed in their swimwear and propped up on the bed. They greet each other and Hali is anxious to know what she will have to do to become accepted into the group. She thinks it's a joke when the girls tell her she has to get down on her knees and lick their feet. They assure her that every girl trying out to be in the sorority has to perform this task. Hali definitely does snot want to do it but wants to join the sorority ore than anything. She gets down on her knees with two pair of feet in her fresh makeup face. She slowly licks up and down their soles from top to bottom while trying her hardest to endure the sweat and stink that their feet give off. The girls are giggling and smiling while watching her sucks their toes and slide her tongue in between the spaces of them.b They want her to get more into it so they show her how its done by grabbing her blonde hair and forcing their whole foot down her throat. Hali tries her best to show them how bad she wants this and even goes the extra mile to lick up their leg until she reaches their exposed bubble butts. The girls know how bad she wants this and spoil her dream by telling her that she will have to come back later and do it again. Hali is confused. She asks them if she is in their sorority since she performed the initiation task of licking their feet. They laugh in her face and tell her she isn't ready yet but maybe after a few session. Hali can't hold it in and her face becomes hot from the tears that proceed to follow. She covers her face and runs out the door, leaving the girls laughing behind her.

$ 16.25


Kaya Can't Cough Up Rent Money Once Again     View Sample
Length: 30.00 minutes     Size: 661.78 MB     Format: WMV

Jazmine is relaxing on the couch after a long day of work. Her room mate, Kaya, walks in with a brad new three hundred and fifty dollar dress. She says it was on sale. Jazmine sarcastically says it's nice but where's the rent for this month? Kaya apologizes and tells her she just doesn't have enough but she will get it to her next month. Jazmine is furious! She hasn't paid rent for consecutive months now and now she can't pay it this month because of the dress she just bought;. She tells Kaya she is sick and tired of having to work all the time and paying rent when all Kaya does is buy new shit every day and then not having enough money for rent when it's due. She tells her she is going to throw her out on the street and she's going to feel stupid with that expensive dress on with no place to live. Kaya begs and begs but her pleading only makes Jazmine give her more shit. She demands Kaya to get down on her knees and to suck her toes. Kaya is so scared she puts up no fight and gives her no hesitation. She begins sucking her room mates toes like a small cock. She licks up and down both wrinkly soles, covering them in thick spit. Apparently, she isn't doing a very good job because Jazmine at several times reaches down and yanks Kaya's hair to force her down harder on them until she can feel her tonsils. She trash talks her and puts her down the whole time. All poor Kaya can do is cry, whine, and suck. She slides her tongue in every space between Jazmine's toes. Seeing the dress that Kaya is wearing that caused her to not pay rent is disgusting her so she demands her to take it off. Kaya does so and keeps sucking. when Jazmine thinks it's been long enough, she demands Kaya to use that nice pretty expensive dress to wipe all the spit off her wrinkly soles!

$ 19.99


Savannah and Shaylee intense footsie session    
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 251.09 MB     Format: WMV

Shaylee and Savannah are very relaxed and comfortable in their full sized bed. They begin to sensually rub their feet together and lock toes. They slide them gently up and down, caressing each others soles and use their long toes to grab and lightly squeeze their partners. They stack their feet, making a foot sandwich, while toe spreading and showing off their most charming features of their gorgeous wrinkly high arched feet!

$ 10.25


Saige airs out her moist clammy soles     View Sample
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 330.41 MB     Format: WMV

Saige comes home from a long day of window shopping. She has been wearing her sneakers along with her bright colored socks all day long. She enters through the kitchen and peeks in the fridge for a cold beverage, then proceeds into the dining area. She plops down and props her neon pink converse shoes up in front of her and crosses them. She sits an surfs the web while she relaxes. She then reaches down, and unties her white shoe strings and removes them. She sways in her stylish socks, letting the cold air hit them. After a while, she peels them off and exposes her moist sweaty soles. She scrunches them, showing off her beautiful wrinkles, and flexes them. She spreads her toes wide apart, showing us the wide spaces in between!

$ 11.50


Selena Helps Lenore Feel Better About Her Fetish     View Sample
Length: 30.00 minutes     Size: 660.81 MB     Format: WMV

Lenore has came to her friend, Selena about her fetish. Lenore is so embarrassed about the fact that she has a foot fetish. Selena tells her she is an open minded person and is completely understanding of her fetish. She rubs her face and tells her it's completely fine! She puts her foot up in Lenore's lap and shows her that its perfectly okay to like feet. Lenore thrives to be someone's foot slave someday but has no practice at all! She asks Selena if she would mind letting her lick her feet. Selena says it will be a first for both of them and they can both learn alot! Lenore gets down on the floor and begins licking all over Selena's soles. Selena gives her pointers on what to do as she worships. She tells Lenore to spit on her soles and keep them nice and wet! She grabs Lenore by her ponytail and shows her how to bob on her toes! She tells Lenore she has done such an awesome job that she wants to keep her for her own foot slave! (HiDef)

$ 19.99


Lenore Tells Selena About Her Fetish     View Sample
Length: 30.00 minutes     Size: 660.32 MB     Format: WMV

Selena and Lenore are sitting on the couch and Lenore tells Selena about her fetish. Lenore has a foot fetish and has never told her friend before because she was scared Selena would laugh at her! Selena can't believe what Lenore just told her! She busts out laughing and begins making fun of Lenore! Selena begins asking questions about her fetish and Lenore tells Selena she could possibly change her mind about it! Lenore offers to lick her feet and Selena hesitates but agrees to let her. Lenore tells her that Selena is the first feet she ever licked and this will be a first for both of them! Lenore kneels in front of Selena and begins licking her feet! Selena is so weirded out but thinks watching her friend is funny! She begins to get into it and starts bossing Lenore around. She tells her to spit on her soles and treat them like a big cock! She grabs Lenore by her ponytail and forces her to bob on her foot! She laughs at Lenore and asks her humiliating questions as she worships her feet. Selena tells Lenore she's definitely changed her mind and actually wants to keep Lenore as her own personal foot slave! (HiDef)

$ 19.99


Holiday and Stormy Make Lenore Suck Em Good     View Sample
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 453.86 MB     Format: WMV

Stormy and Holiday are so sick of their foot slave being late, every time she is supposed to come over shes late and has an excuse! Holiday and Stormy are Not thrilled at all, Lenore immediately starts licking their stinky sweaty soles to please them. Holiday and Stormy are very mean to Lenore to get their point across so she isn't late anymore! Lenore's Wet juicy Tongue pleases their sore and tired feet. Holiday and Stormy Stick all of their toes down Lenore's throat, Lenore does exactly what they say to please them! (Hidef)

$ 16.25


Marie pimps out her foot bitch     View Sample
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 272.68 MB     Format: WMV

Marie has decided to pimp out her black ni**er foot bitch. She can't wait to make him suck cock and have her white boyfriend cum all over her wrinkly sweaty soles and have him lick it off with his wet long ni**er tongue. She is going to have him lick off her sweat and toejam and have him follow any commands she gives him. Marie is ruthless and shows no remorse for her foot bitch the whole time she talks to him. She gets more evil as time passes.

$ 9.99


Jazmine Teases with Mules and Dirty Bare Feet    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 219.08 MB     Format: WMV

Jazmine has a chance to tease and give you great views of her dirty soles is her sexy mules! She dangles her Mules from her dirty feet occasionally letting them fall off just to tease you! You get a quick glimpse of her dirty bare feet then she slips her shoe back on to continue teasing you ! (Hidef)

$ 8.25


Stormy Dangles Her Flops    
Length: 13.00 minutes     Size: 293.68 MB     Format: WMV

Stormy has a few minutes to relax in between filming so she sits in her favorite chair and dangles her flip flops off her feet while she waits for Lenore to get ready. Stormy toe points and flexing before letting her flip flop slowly fall off. Once her flip flop falls off she toe spreads as wide as she can to flex and stretch her feet!(Hidef)

$ 11.25


Storm and Chloe battle it out     View Sample
Length: 13.00 minutes     Size: 298.42 MB     Format: WMV

Chloe is sitting by herself enjoying her break when Storm walks in and ask to sit with her. Chloe hates Storm and tells her to go sit somewhere else but Storm sits down anyways. Both girls dangle for a bit then Chloe decides she wants to get her back for sitting with her so see drops her heel and pulls Storms off with her foot, she gently rubs her bare foot then out of nowhere she pinches Storms toes has hard as she can! Storm is shocked but keeps quiet and fights back. They try their hardest to over power each others long strong toes, even using both feet to pinch all of the toes at once. Find out who's toes are more power and who's declared the winner!

$ 10.00


Goddess Sophie offers you her sexy soles     View Sample
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 338.11 MB     Format: WMV

Sophie just knows how bad you have been wanting to see her big, beautiful, southern, milf feet again. She offers you to come over and get a closer look at them. She tells you to lick up and down her dusty soles and in between all her pretty little toes. She puts both her soles together but leaves a small space for you to fit your cock between while she jacks you off. It's a tight fit but feels amazing against your hard cock. She begs you to cum all over her wrinkly soles. She is your goddess and you must worship her feet and do whatever she demands of you!

$ 13.99


Cocoa shows Hali how they do it down in the hood     View Sample
Length: 21.00 minutes     Size: 450.88 MB     Format: WMV

Cocoa is relaxing in at her home in the ghetto surfing the web when she gets an unexpected knock at the door. To her surprise, it's a skinny little blonde white girl asking for Brittany. Knowing she must be way lost, Cocoa tells her ain't no Brittany lives but Cocoa does! Hali apologizes for the confusion in the addresses and asks if she can help her get out of here. Cocoa thinks that Hali is just absolutely adorable and looks like a pretty little barbie. She promises to show her the way out but Hali must do something for her first. Hali gets frightened and tries to leave but Cocoa quickly grabs her by her blonde hair and drags her into the house. She tells her that this is the hood and she is going to show her how black folks around here treat pretty little white girls that show up on their doorsteps here. She demands Hali to suck and lick on her black ebony feet. Hali thinks she is crazy but it is the only way she ever going to get to leave so she does what she is told. She begins to lick up and down her soles, grimacing in disgust as she does so. Cocoa tells her to suck on her whole foot like a big black cock. She sticks her tongue in between all her toes and sucks on both big toes at the same time. Cocoa is pleased and couldn't be happier with her new white girl friend. Instead of letting her leave, she decides to keep her around. She grabs Hali once again by her hair and pulls her to a little cubby hole in the corner with a door. Hali begs her not to make her go in but Cocoa is bigger, blacker, and stronger than her. She forces her inside, keeping her forever as her white slave to her black ebony feet!

$ 16.25


Savannah and Raina have girl talk and play footsie    
Length: 17.00 minutes     Size: 381.39 MB     Format: WMV

Two friends, Savannah and Raina are relaxing. They were both off work this weekend and they have decided to have a girls day and do nothing but be lazy and lay in bed all day. They have been working all week and haven't seen each other that much. They are facing each other, hugging, and flirting a bit. Their hands are moving in different places on each others bodies and they are catching up on what has been going on throughout the week. Both of their feet are dusty and filthy and are touching and caressing each others. Their soles rub up and down each others and they intertwine their toes. They continue to talk while their soles to continue showing each other love.

$ 12.50


Lana burns sore foot     View Sample
Length: 17.00 minutes     Size: 373.88 MB     Format: WMV

Lana has had a long day showing off houses in her high heels. She is exhausted and her feet are killing her. She is sitting at her desk and occasionally drops her hand down to massage her poor tired feet. She slips her feet out of her heels and props them up in front of her , crossing them. She flexes and toe spreads for a while, trying to find any relief possible. She talks about what a long day she has had and how to she got to sell the house soon because her feet can't take much more of it. She decides she deserves a cig for all the hard work she has done today even though smoking is not allowed in the houses being showed off. She lights up a cig and exhales large clouds of smoke while she sits back and relaxes. Lana loves the taking long hard drags and then releasing them, creating a curtain of smoke around her. All of a sudden, she thinks she hears someone at the door. She jumps up in a panic and runs to the door, dropping her cig butt on the floor. She turns around to get her shoes and accidentally steps on the half lit butt with her bare sole. She has no time to worry about the burn as she quickly slips her shoes back on and opens up the door. No one is there! She really thought she had heard someone! She stumbles over to the couch and removes her heel. She reaches down and tries to sooth he pain of the burn. A small black burn mark is seen at the top of her foot. She limps over to pick up the butt and tosses it into the garbage. She sits back down, trying to comfort her hurt foot some more. Her phone rings and once again, she stumbles into the kitchen to answer it. Her friend asks her what's wrong and Lana explains what has just happened. Lana hangs up the phone and goes to get a bandage wrap for her injury. Slowly and carefully, she wraps the hurt foot so she can walk better and to help with the pain. She tests out the wrap and slowly walks into the kitchen to get a drink. Then, she opens the door and walks outside into the sunshine.

$ 12.99


Cocoa wil do anything to keep her job at toejac     View Sample
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 449.11 MB     Format: WMV

Savannah is at work at toejacs. She is sitting on the bed with her feet straight out in front of her. Another toejac model, Cocoa, walks in and asks her where Jack is. Savannah tells her that he isn't there. Cocoa thinks it's odd because she had a video to do today. Savannah confesses that she is the one that called Cocoa into work because she has been hearing a lot of rumors that Cocoa is the best licker on the whole site. She tells her to get down on her knees and show her what all the fuss is about or she will make it to where Cocoa will be fired. Cocoa loves her job and needs the money bad so she is in no position to argue with her co worker. She drops her knees and prepares to worship. Savannah lays back and anxiously waits to see if the rumors are true. Savannah shoves her big bare foot down Cocoa's throat and makes her deep throat it like a big cock. Cocoa takes it all and has no gag reflex. She slides her tongue up and down Savannah's wrinkly soles and forces it between all the tight spaces between her toes. She sucks on them one by one, surprising Savannah. After a while, Savannah agrees that Cocoa's licking is very good but she will never be as good as her and reminds her not to forget that she never will be.

$ 16.25


Chrissy forces Chloe to suck her big size 12s     View Sample
Length: 21.00 minutes     Size: 455.60 MB     Format: WMV

Chloe and Chrissy are roommates and when Chrissy finds out Chloe hasn't been paying her half of the bills she confronts her about it. Chloe gets an attitude when she ask and tells her she paid half of her half and that should be good enough. Chrissy tells her it's not and she can either pay or get her ass beat. Chloe doesn't have any money and tells her she can clean her room or something but Chrissy has a better idea, Chloe can rub and smell her big stinky size 12s. Chloe tells her know but Chrissy forces her to her knees and tells her to get to it. She is horrified at how big and smelly they are but does as she's told and starts rubbing and smelling her huge soles. Chrissy then demands she licks them so Chloe holds her tongue out and begins licking up and down her bare feet. Chloe begins to whine and Chrissy grabs her hair forcing her to suck her toes to get her to shut up. Chrissy moves in several positions to make sure Chloe licks, kisses and sucks every inch of her huge soles. When Chrissy's had enough she tells Chloe to get use to it because she'll be doing this everyday until she gets a job and Chloe runs out crying.

$ 16.25


Lenore Flexes and Enjoys The Sun    
Length: 13.00 minutes     Size: 298.56 MB     Format: WMV

Lenore is loving the sunshine today, shes got out her cute spring attire and goes out to relax on the front Porch! Lenore kicks her feet up on the chair and flexes her feet in her sandals. Lenore toe spreads for a while and then goes to get her self a drink, she opens her drink and hops up on the counter and continues to flex and toes spread... She enjoys some of her drink and decides she wants to soak up some more sunshine.. Lenore goes back outside and runs her sandal up and down her leg she then kicks those sandals off and flexes her little feet as wide as she can so show off her little wrinkled soles, Lenore is so happy to be out enjoying the sunshine.(Hidef)

$ 10.25


Realtor Holiday Makes An easy Sale     View Sample
Length: 26.00 minutes     Size: 586.47 MB     Format: WMV

Holiday is trying to get the last big sale of the month to get a bonus! Holiday has been putting in long hours to make this big sale, she has showed this house to 6 people today and she is finally down to her last 3.. once he finally shows up holidays sore tired feet are driving her crazy, she trys not to let her client see that she has achy feet so she continues to show the house and then slowly stop to let her feet out of her shoes and rub them up and down her leg. Once her client leaves she calls her friend while waiting for her next client to come.. Soon after Holiday is done talking her client comes through the door and sits in front of the desk , She talks about the house to him and tells him all the things they have done. Her client drops his pen on the ground and Holiday thinks nothing of it.... She continues to show him around the house but notices that he keeps dropping his pen and when he does its right by her feet. Once Holiday's Client is gone she relaxes on the couch talking to her friend telling her about the client that just left, Holiday knew something wasn't right with him! Holiday gets off the phone with her friend letting her know she is going to take a nap before her last client shows up, Little does Holiday know..... while she was sleeping her last client snuck back in!!!!! The client takes Holidays heels off and starts to rub her feet, It startles Holiday and she wants to know why he is back... Holiday then puts it together the client loved her feet... Holiday takes advantage of this and makes him continue to rub her feet and smell them she even makes him pull out his cock and jerk off to her tired soles. Holiday then makes him agree to buy the house or else she will call the Police!!! Thank goodness Holiday has beautiful high arched irresistible feet or she might not have got her Big sale of the month!!!

$ 18.25