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Emily Threatens to Call Her Daddy on Skyler View Sample
Emily is sitting on her couch, with her feet propped up on her phone. She's been texting a cute boy she met nonstop! They two are being super flirty, even though Emily knows he has a girlfriend. She's sitting there smiling at her phone been she hears someone come in her house. She looks up and Skyler comes barging in! It's her boyfriend Emily has been texting and she pissed! She gets in Emily's face and asks her why she's trying to fuck her boyfriend! The girls get into it and Skyler grabs Emily's hair! Skyler is ready to kick her ass when Emily threatens to call her dad! Skyler laughs at her and tells her shes not afraid of her daddy! Thats when Emily tells Skyler her dad is the cheif of police and she can have Skyler locked up in a heart beat! Skyler calls her a snitch but backs down. She really doesn't want to go to jail and Emily makes a deal with her. She tells Skyler if she does whatever she says, she wont call her dad. Skyler doesn't want to give in but she'd do anything to keep from going to jail. Emily tells Skyler that she must worship her feet and follow her every command. Skyler kneels in front of Emily's feet and does as shes told. She licks Emily's soles from the bottom to the top and sucks on her toes. Skyler runs her tonue between all of Emily's toes and makes sure to get all the toe jamm out. Emily laughs at her and takes pictures to send to her boyfriend! Skyler will think twice before fucking with the police cheif's daughter ever again! (HiDef)

Price: $16.50 USD
Length: 21.00 minutes

Size: 458.20 MB
Format: WMV
Added: 2016-02-23 19:28:49