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Clips Linked with Video: VV4258 FootFight and Toe wrestle Comp. 50Mins

Bobbi And Holiday Have a Mad Footsie Fight
Bobbi is on break at the office, she is laid back reading a magazine with her feet kicked up on the table! Holiday is walking in and sees that Bobbi has her feet on the table, she cant stand the fact that she too comfortable, Holiday fixes that for her and makes her get her feet off the table. Bobbi thinks Holiday is snooty and quickly knocks her heel off her foot, and tries to lock toes with her. Little does Bobbi Know this isn't Holidays first rodeo with an office bitch and she knows how to handle them. Holiday quickly locks toes with Bobbi and squeezes with all her might to show her she runs things and will not be walked over! Bobbi attempts to fight back but Holiday's long toes and sharp nails are no match for her little feet! Holiday remains the queen Bitch at work and no one will change that!(HIdef)

Price: $10.25 USD
Length: 12.00 minutes

Size: 268.12 MB
Format: WMV
Category: Footsie
Added: 2016-10-31 12:50:15

Chloe Shows Sheena How She Fights
Chloe is sitting at her table on break at work minding her own Business as always because she hates everyone she works with and in walks One of the Preppy girls from the office. Sheena invites her self to Chloe's Table and quickly sits down! Sheena Knows Chloe isn't fond of her, but she makes herself comfortable. Chloe lets her know their are plenty of other places to sit! Chloe minds her own business and dangles her foot from her foot, she then knocks Sheena's off and quickly locks toes with her. Sheena starts to fight back but Chloe has some strong feet and really hates Sheena so shes going to make sure she never sits at her table again!(Hidef)

Price: $11.25 USD
Length: 13.00 minutes

Size: 293.30 MB
Format: WMV
Category: Foot fight
Added: 2016-06-15 12:43:09