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Clips Linked with Video: VV4610 Sweaty soles, Toe Pointing and Sole tease Comp. 37MIns

Emma Teases And Pleases You With Her Soles View Sample
Emma is all ready for you to come play with her bare, stinky, sweaty soles and toes! First, she begs you to take in good hard whiffs between her toes and all over her clammy soles. Now that your completely turned on, she urges you to whip out your cock and rub them all over her wrinkles and between her stinky toes. Her clammy wet soles would feel amazing sliding on the sides of your hard cock and stroking it slowly while lightly squeezing the head. Last but not least, Emma needs her stinky sweaty soles licked clean with your slobbery wet tongue and needs every bit of toejam scraped from between her toes!

Price: $10.50 USD
Length: 13.00 minutes

Size: 280.31 MB
Format: WMV
Category: Barefeet and Toes
Added: 2017-10-10 14:38:52

Pervy Stepdad Invades Sleeping Carmens Sweaty Feet View Sample
Carmen has been out partying and drinking all night with her friends and she's finally home. Finally managing to stumble up to her bedroom, she passes out face down on the bed with her dancing black high heels still in place on her sweaty feet. When he is sure his super hott barely legal step daughter is out cold, pervy stepdad creeps quietly into her room and lifts her arm up to watch it fall limp on her bed to make certain she is sleeping hard. He admires her sexy body in her tight fitting dress and his eyes shrift down her body and land on her high heel feet. Slowly, he wiggles her heels off one by one and stares in awe at his sexy step daughters sweaty, stinky, wrinkly soles. With one finger, he runs up and down her sole softly and tugs on her toes. Occasionally, he presses his nose into her sole and takes a big whiff to find out how stinky they are. Finally, he uses both hands to softly caress and massage both feet and draws imaginary circles on the bottom of her soles with his thumb. Giving them one last look, he quietly sneaks back out of the room, leaving his step daughter almost exactly the way he found her!

Price: $10.25 USD
Length: 13.00 minutes

Size: 298.82 MB
Format: WMV
Category: Barefeet and Toes
Added: 2017-09-11 16:22:33