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Clips Linked with Video: VV4465 Girl Crush and Foot Lovers Comp. 53MIns

Cocoa Finally Gets Girl Crush All To Herself View Sample
Cocoa has always had a thing for her BBW friend Jill, and today she plans to get just what she has always wanted! She has invited Jill over today to "catch up", but has a chloroform rag in her back pocket ready for use. They both sit on the couch and chit chat for a bit until Cocoa decides it's time to engage her plan and pulls out the rag, quickly covering and pressing it on Jill's mouth causing her to quickly pass out with little struggle. When the scene returns, Jill is legs and arms spread/tied to the bed and Cocoa is undressing her! When she finally wakes up, she finds herself topless, tied to the bed, and duct tape covering her mouth! When everything finally comes back to her, she looks down and sees Cocoa's dark body licking and kissing all over her naked exposed body! Cocoa's plan to get her all to herself has worked and Jill's faint cries for help are barely noticed through the tape. Cocoa worships her from head to toe and sucks on her hard nipples while listening to Jill's cries become more of a pleasurable moan! Finally, she removes the tape so she can hear Jill's enjoyment better and continues to kiss and lick all over her!She finally got exactly what she wanted and to her surprise, made Jill enjoy it as much as her!

Price: $18.99 USD
Length: 23.00 minutes

Size: 494.08 MB
Format: WMV
Category: Worship and Trample
Added: 2017-08-07 16:10:48

Foot Collector Hali Crashes The Party View Sample
While attending a wild ass party, Breezy steps out on the porch to make a call to one of her many men. Soon after, Hali steps outside and lustfully watches her posing her black high heel boots and listens in on her phone conversation. When Breezy hangs up, Hali immediately strikes up a conversation and invites her to come with her to her house so she can help her carry over more wine for the party. While she steps back inside the house to grab her purse, Hali is busy pouring a date rape drug into Breezy's wine glass. When she finally comes back, she finishes off the rest of her wine and stumbles down the stairs. Next scene opens with Hali dragging a knocked out Breezy into her living room. Once she gets her in position, she covers her entire body up with her famous thin brown blanket leaving only her shins and feet exposed. After removing and sniffing her sweaty socks and boots, Hali moves on to worshiping the man eaters stinky feet. Every space between her toes are invaded with her big wet tongue along with every deep wrinkle that her soles contain. Hali is purely in love with her new victims sexy feet and can't get enough! She suck on her toes and drenches her toes in hot wet saliva. Somehow, Hali always has the best luck when it comes to finding new foot bitches!

Price: $19.99 USD
Length: 30.00 minutes

Size: 657.44 MB
Format: WMV
Category: Worship and Trample
Added: 2017-08-02 16:29:23